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Sonnet 32: Morpheus The Lively Son
Sir Philip Sidney
Morpheus the lively son of deadly sleep, Witness of life to them that living die, A prophet oft, and oft an history, A poet eke, as humors fly o...Rate it:

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Judge Selah Lively
Edgar Lee Masters
Suppose you stood just five feet two, And had worked your way as a grocery clerk, Studying law by candle light Until you became an attorney at law?...Rate it:

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Lively Hope and Gracious Fear
William Cowper
I was a grovelling creature once, And basely cleaved to earth: I wanted spirit to renounce The clod that gave me birth. But God hath breathed ...Rate it:

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Olney Hymn 51: Lively Hope And Gracious Fear
William Cowper
I was a grovelling creature once, And basely cleaved to earth: I wanted spirit to renounce The clod that gave me birth. But God hath breathed ...Rate it:

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Advice To Believe In Christ
Rees Prichard
Christ with heart sincere receives, And with a lively faith in him believes, Christ will on him hisRate it:

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Christ's Triumph after Death (excerpts)
Giles Fletcher The Younger
for joy begun to show: The early Sun came lively dancing out, And the brag lambs ran wantRate it:

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Tale XIX
George Crabbe
different merits gain'd, By strong demands his lively passions drain'd; Liquors he loved of each inRate it:

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Epitaph On Miss Stanley, In Holyrood Church, Southampton
James Thomson
E. S. Once a lively image of human nature, Such as God made it When he pronounced every work of his to be good. To the memory of Elizabeth Stanley,...Rate it:

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Les Bijoux (The Jewels)
Charles Baudelaire
fortunate days. When it dances and flings its lively, mocking sound, This radiant world of metal Rate it:

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Lewis Carroll
might serve to drown My sister's melancholy: The lively Jones, the sportive Brown, And Robinson theRate it:

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Tale VI
George Crabbe
in its place, or moving moved by rule; No lively print or picture graced the room; A plain brown paRate it:

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The Borough. Letter XV: Inhabitants Of The Alms-House. Clelia
George Crabbe
opinion of her heart to raise; Her speech was lively, and with ease express'd, And well she judged Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XXIV: Schools
George Crabbe
of infant-powers I know: She sees what soon the lively will impede, And how the steadier will in tuRate it:

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The Fan : A Poem. Book III.
John Gay
within the glowing veins, And in each face some lively passion reigns. Thus have I seen woods, hillRate it:

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The Wanderer: A Vision: Canto V
Richard Savage
the scene, Some pale, some brown, and some of lively green. Now, from the full-grown day a beamy sRate it:

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Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas
Clement Clarke Moore
tiny rein-deer, With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be StRate it:

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An Eclogue
Thomas Parnell
bring thy Mountain Sister Exercise. Calld by thy lively voice she turns her pace, Her winding horn Rate it:

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Constantine P. Cavafy
of candles all alight---- Golden and warm and lively little candles. The days that are past are lefRate it:

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Epithalamion Made At Lincoln's Inn
John Donne
; His steeds will be restrain'd, But gallop lively down the western hill. Thou shalt, when he haRate it:

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A Friendly Game Of Football
Edward George Dyson
at The Gap. Sixty seconds later twenty lively couples held the floor, And the air was full of whisRate it:

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elegy of the 0ak and the Willow
p g webster
the Spring enhanced my flee from lonely druid to lively force, I cried with happiness to see the wiRate it:

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Here's A Nut
Louisa May Alcott
plenty, We will have them all: Skip and scamper lively Till the last ones fall.' Rate it:

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The Ruined Maid
Thomas Hardy
of megrims or melancho-ly!"- "True. One's pretty lively when ruined," said she. -"I wish I had feaRate it:

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From Love to Friendship
maid, From heaven descended to my aid; Less lively than the amorous flame, Although her tenderness Rate it:

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An Evening Reflection
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov
now day has entered night. 5 O thou, whose lively gaze can see Into the book of law eternal, For wRate it:

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