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Hildebrand And Hellelil
William Morris
me to the saddle there. There met me then no littlest root, But it tore off somewhat of my foot. Rate it:

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Guinevere at Her Fireside
Dorothy Parker
to do but think, at night. The bravest man has littlest brains; That chalky fool from Astolat WithRate it:

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Rupert Brooke
and kind; And under that Almighty Fin, The littlest fish may enter in. Oh! never fly conceals a hooRate it:

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How Lucy Backslid
Paul Laurence Dunbar
a frolic on de lawn, Did n't 'sprise me not de littlest seein' Lucy lookin' on. An' I seed a wa'ninRate it:

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The Amber Whale
John Boyle O'Reilly
two. You couldn't pick out a small one: the littlest calf or cow Had a sight more oil than the biRate it:

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The Four Winds
Aleister Crowley
of love? Do you think all nature worth The littlest life upon earth? I made the germ and the anRate it:

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The Keys of Morning
Walter de la Mare
that, when beckoning, he should wag The littlest in the air. Rate it:

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The Power Of God
John Crowe Ransom
stars, as they race to encircuit the deep, If my littlest people is driven, and needeth sleep? 'FRate it:

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The Song of the Little Hunter
Rudyard Kipling
boulders leap-- Now the lightning shows each littlest leaf--rib clear-- But thy throat is shut anRate it:

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The Trust
Katharine Tynan
you, O little nun, Heaven's youngest, littlest one, You are strong to lift our burdens and our careRate it:

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