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Robert William Service
brown caniche, The French for "poodle" on a leash, While I have Bingo; A dog of doubtfuRate it:

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Marmion: Introduction to Canto II.
Sir Walter Scott
foresters in greenwood trim, Lead in the leash the gazehounds grim, Attentive as the bratchet's bayRate it:

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The Force Of Prayer, Or, The Founding Of Bolton, A Tradition
William Wordsworth
ranging high and low; And holds a greyhound in a leash, To let slip upon buck or doe. The pair havRate it:

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The Return
Ezra Pound
These were the souls of blood. Slow on the leash, pallid the leash-men! Rate it:

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There is Blood on the Earth
John Boyle O'Reilly
on breasts of stone: God holdeth His wrath in a leash Till the hearts of men atone. Blind, like tRate it:

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A Song Of Trafalgar
Edith Nesbit
down the long years' track; They strain at the leash, the dogs of war, And who shall hold them baRate it:

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KILL ALL! (Explicit)
Jesse Cochran
think that I'm property? You think that I need a leash? Well, you've thought wrong With lack of comRate it:

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A Cricket Casualty
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
hit! Hoo - what? Don't be inshultin'! I'm norra leash bit lit! Not even s'ightly shrozzled. Jush hRate it:

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A Torchbearer
Edith Wharton
of each day’s Pacific order hold great deeds in leash, That in the sober sheath of tranquil tasks HRate it:

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Archduchess Anne
George Meredith
Anne. X No touch gave she to hound in leash, No wink to sword in sheath: She seemed a woman scarcRate it:

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Bayonet Song
Sydney Thompson Dobell
are not dogs but Lions, and who Holds Lions in leash? Hurrah, My Lions! with just such a pack I'd hRate it:

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Henry Timrod
guard the holy strand; But Moultrie holds in leash her dogs of war Above the level sand. And down Rate it:

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Come Out, Come Out
Christopher John Brennan
dreaming of some master that holds the winds in leash and the waves of darkness yonder in the gauRate it:

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Padraic Colum
is a little Fox: Like other canine he is leashed and led; He goes upon the sidewalk; houses tower; Rate it:

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Cupid Far Gone
Richard Lovelace
have, And triple Cerberus from below Must leash'd t' himself with him a hunting go. Rate it:

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Don't Kill. But Forever Conquer.
Nikhil Parekh
but forever conquer its truculently unforgivable leash; with the impregnable lamp of truth perpetuaRate it:

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Essence of essence is the birth of the weaker sex
Narsinh Mehta
just like the master dragging the meek beast The leash of love draws Narsinh! Essence of essence isRate it:

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John Keats
the mesh Of the Fancy's silken leash; Quickly break her prison-string And such joys as theRate it:

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Gareth And Lynette
Alfred Lord Tennyson
my hand upon it, Then were I wealthier than a leash of kings." But ever when he reached a hand toRate it:

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God's Vagabond
Robert William Service
beneath the sun Will I bow down,--not one Shall leash my liberty. My life's my own; I rise With glRate it:

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Haunted By Tigers
John Boyle O'Reilly
a sort of nervous tremble, like a carter's long-leashed whip Ere it cracks; and so the skipper's lRate it:

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Hudibras, Part I (excerpts)
Samuel Butler
of Babel; Or Cerberus himself pronounce A leash of languages at once. This he as volubly woulRate it:

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Hudibras: Part 1 - Canto I
Samuel Butler
of Babel; Or CERBERUS himself pronounce A leash of languages at once. This he as volubly would ventRate it:

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Lucifer Of The Torch
Ambrose Bierce
dogs of war are ailing all of mange; The loose leash dangles from your finger-tips, But the loud 'hRate it:

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My Dog
Robert William Service
how my heart can pity Pups straining on a short leash-hold And pent up in the city. From all thougRate it:

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