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It knew no lapse, nor Diminuation
Emily Dickinson
It knew no lapse, nor Diminuation— But large—serene— Burned on—until through Dissolution— It failed from Men— I could not deem these Planetary for...Rate it:

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The Lapse
Paul Laurence Dunbar
This poem must be done to-day; Then, I 'll e'en to it. I must not dream my time away,-- I 'm sure to rue it. The day is rather bright, I know The M...Rate it:

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The Lapse of Time
William Cullen Bryant
Lament who will, in fruitless tears, The speed with which our moments fly; I sigh not over vanished years, But watch the years that hasten by. Loo...Rate it:

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Newark Abbey
Thomas Love Peacock
walls, Till in its light absorbed appears The lapse of five-and-thirty years. If change there be, Rate it:

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A Symbol
Mathilde Blind
of earth's teeming womb Rise into being and lapse into the tomb Like transient bubbles sparkling Rate it:

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All Saints
Edith Wharton
or foeman shakes the sleeper In his moment’s lapse from pain, Bids us fold our tents, and flee our Rate it:

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past traces to keep a combat on as their time lapse Is the story of lifeRate it:

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tort, and constant abuse Fore fathers pride collapse Separated mothers… lapse Through time present Rate it:

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The Poet And His Book
Edna St. Vincent Millay
turn dark and sweeten In the lapse of noon; Shepherds on the hills, In the pastures, drowsing To tRate it:

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Convicted Oath
Red Magtoto
fight together. Keep dreaming, failure is just lapse of the night! Keep sailing, everyday is a cRate it:

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Earlier Poems : Burial Of The Minnisink
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
the maple's leaf was brown, With soft and silent lapse came down, The glory, that the wood receivesRate it:

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A Comparison
William Cowper
The lapse of time and rivers is the same, Both speed their journey with a restless stream; The silent pace, with which they steal away, No wealth c...Rate it:

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A Coin of Trajan in Australia
James Brunton Stephens
to witness of the past;— To be, when after lapse of many days Thy vagrant fate through unrecorded Rate it:

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A Girls's Sin - In Her Eyes
Francis Thompson
not say. 'He'll think me vanquished, for this lapse, Who should be above him; Perhaps he'll think Rate it:

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A Living Picture
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
in the April breeze, I could forget this lapse of years--start up Laughing--'Come, let's go play!Rate it:

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Abram Morrison
John Greenleaf Whittier
shall tell of Morrison! After half a century's lapse, We are wiser now, perhaps, But we miss our sRate it:

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Among the Hills
John Greenleaf Whittier
life without an atmosphere. I look Across the lapse of half a century, And call to mind old homesteRate it:

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An Autograph
John Greenleaf Whittier
He kept for man the last. "Through mortal lapse and dulness What lacks the Eternal Fulness, IfRate it:

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As Like The Woman As You Can
William Ernest Henley
work her mission were to stoop, 'Maybe to lapse, from Well to Ill. 'Choose one of whom your grosserRate it:

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At Eventide
John Greenleaf Whittier
uttermost, and Justice whose clear eyes Through lapse and failure look to the intent, And judge ourRate it:

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At Seventeen
Arthur Symons
and perhaps Those softer eyes betoken the sweet lapse Of liking into loving: who shall say? Only I Rate it:

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At the Funeral of a Minor Poet
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
strange vitality, and, planted, grow After the lapse of thrice a thousand years. Some day, perchaRate it:

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Ave! (An Ode for the Shelley Centenary, 1892)
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
child With play-time rapture spent, -- To lapse and loiter till the change should come And Rate it:

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Ballade Of The Dead Cities
Andrew Lang
roll'd - Where are the cities of old time? The lapse of ages, and the rust, The fire, the frost, tRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
hence the prayer I breathe to-day; O'er lapse of time and change of scene, The weary waste which lRate it:

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