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Alas! What Boots The Long Laborious Quest
William Wordsworth
ALAS! what boots the long laborious quest Of moral prudence, sought through good and ill; Or pains abstruse-to elevate the will, And lead us on to ...Rate it:

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Arthur Symons
hands too soft and white To have known more laborious hours Than those which die upon a night Of kiRate it:

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Saluting The Street Dogs.
Nikhil Parekh
- though you were currently driving the laborious bicycle, You used their name as a vindictively Rate it:

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Hyperion. Book II
John Keats
brawniest in assault, Were pent in regions of laborious breath; Dungeon'd in opaque element, to keeRate it:

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Samson Agonistes (excerpts)
John Milton
hold To Dagon, their sea-idol, and forbid Laborious works; unwillingly this rest Their supersRate it:

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A Last Request
Alfred Austin
be deaf, though dumb, Bird's idle pipe, or bee's laborious hum, Would suit me, listening, best. AnRate it:

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A Royal Home-Coming
Alfred Austin
o'er the Free: So that on man, and man's laborious hand, Nor manacle nor hindrance shall be laid, Rate it:

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An Inventor
Augusta Davies Webster
God, have all the anxious ponderings, all the laborious strain of hand and head, all the night waRate it:

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As Winds That Blow Against A Star
Joyce Kilmer
that shod in light should dance Walk weary and laborious ways? But rays from Heaven, white and wRate it:

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Cattle In Summer
James Thomson
surface. In the middle droops The strong laborious ox, of honest front, Which incomposed he shakesRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
thine, Thou noble Father of her Kings to be, Laborious for her people and her poor-- Voice in thRate it:

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Drury-lane Prologue Spoken by Mr. Garrick
Samuel Johnson
invent by rule; 11 His studious patience, and laborious art, 12 By regular approach essay'd theRate it:

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Elegy II. On Posthumous Reputation - To a Friend
William Shenstone
joys excel; For this, great Hadrian chose laborious days; Through this, expiring, bade a gay fareweRate it:

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Face To Face
Rabindranath Tagore
I stand before thee face to face. In this laborious world of thine, tumultuous with toil and witRate it:

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Forest History
George Meredith
his last fastness; overthrown by few. Him a laborious thrust of roadway slew. Then man to play devoRate it:

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Friedrich Schiller
easily content, Needs not the laws it has laborious been The task of small professors to invent; Rate it:

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William Cowper
scourges are the gods that rule below. Yet man, laborious man, by slow degrees (Such is his thirst Rate it:

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Lines Composed In A Concert-Room
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
harlot her distended breast In intricacies of laborious song. These feel not musics genuine power Rate it:

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Lines To Our New Censor
William Watson
must we, henceforth, wholly sever? Shall thy laborious _jeux-d'esprit_ Sadden our lives no more forRate it:

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John Milton
of noble mind) To scorn delights and live laborious days; But, the fair guerdon when we hope to finRate it:

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Meditations In Time Of Civil War
William Butler Yeats
too much play, or marriage with a fool? May this laborious stair and this stark tower Become a roofRate it:

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Michael Oaktree
Alfred Noyes
the dreaming brow. We pass Our lives in most laborious idleness. For we have lost the meaning of thRate it:

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Nineteen Hundred And Nineteen
William Butler Yeats
bring a rage To end all things, to end What my laborious life imagined, even The half-imagined, theRate it:

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Ode IV: To The Honourable Charles Townshend In The Country
Mark Akenside
he can tell) What storms beat round that rough laborious height. III. 2. Ye heroes, who of old DidRate it:

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Ode VII: To The Right Reverend Benjamin Lord Bishop Of Winchester
Mark Akenside
such arduous merit crown'd? For look on life's laborious scene: What rugged spaces lie between AdveRate it:

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