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The Hanging Judge
Alfred George Stephens
I am the Judge, the flower of the law, Bolstered in, privileged, all men’s awe; When I am pleased to display my wit The court is a-cackle with joy ...Rate it:

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To The Judge
James Whitcomb Riley
the dust of the town? Can't you forget you're a Judge And put by your dolorous frown And tan your wRate it:

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A Tribute to Mr J. Graham Henderson, The World's Fair Judge
William Topaz McGonagall
tweeds at the World's Fair You have been elected judge of Australian and American wools while thereRate it:

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Judge And Thief
Walter Savage Landor
O'erfoaming with rage The foul-mouth'd judge Page Thus question'd a thief in the dock: 'Didst never hear read In the church, lump of lead! Loose ch...Rate it:

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Judge Selah Lively
Edgar Lee Masters
boots? And then suppose You became the County Judge? And Jefferson Howard and Kinsey Keene, And HarRate it:

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One Judge
Ambrose Bierce
created on a noble plan To show us that a Judge can be a Man; Through moral mire exhaling mortal stRate it:

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Sonnet XIII: Phoebus Was Judge
Sir Philip Sidney
Phoebus was judge between Jove, Mars, and Love, Of those three gods, whose arms the fairest were: Jove's golden shield did eagle sables bear, Wh...Rate it:

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The Circuit Judge
Edgar Lee Masters
preserve, my memory. I in life was the Circuit judge, a maker of notches, Deciding cases on the poiRate it:

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The Inward Judge
John Greenleaf Whittier
seated in thy heart, as on a throne, The ancient Judge and Witness liveth still, To note thy act anRate it:

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The Judge is like the Owl
Emily Dickinson
The Judge is like the Owl— I've heard my Father tell— And Owls do build in Oaks— So here's an Amber Sill— That slanted in my Path— When going to t...Rate it:

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Whom should I choose for my Judge? (fragment)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Whom should I choose for my Judge? the earnest, impersonal reader, Who, in the work, forgets me and the world and himself! Ye who have eyes...Rate it:

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Judge Somers
Edgar Lee Masters
How does it happen, tell me, That I who was the most erudite of lawyers, Who knew Blackstone and Coke Almost by heart, who made the greatest spe...Rate it:

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My Friend Judge Not Me
Anonymous Americas
My friend iudge not me, Thou seest I iudge not thee: Betwixt the stirrop and the ground, Mercy I askt, mercy I found. Rate it:

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The Judge
Rabindranath Tagore
Say of him what you please, but I know my child's failings. I do not love him because he is good, but because he is my little child. How sh...Rate it:

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The Judge's Song
William Schwenck Gilbert
When I, good friends, was called to the Bar, I'd an appetite fresh and hearty, But I was, as many young barristers are, An impecunious party. I'd a...Rate it:

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Of Judgement
John Bunyan
judgment out of hand Upon all sorts of men. The Judge we find, in God's record, The Son of man, foRate it:

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Fit the Sixth ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
That the sty was deserted when found: And the Judge kept explaining the state of the law In a sofRate it:

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Maud Muller Mutatur
Franklin P. Adams
she said, "This won't get me anywhere." The Judge in his car looked up at her And signalled "StopRate it:

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Maud Muller
John Greenleaf Whittier
For something better than she had known. The Judge rode slowly down the lane, Smoothing his horRate it:

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At Beauty's Bar As I Did Stand
George Gascoigne
False Suspect accused, ``George,'' quod the judge, ``hold up thy hand; Thou art arraigned of flatRate it:

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A Carol
Rudyard Kipling
well must be as ye can see -- And who shall judge the Lord? When we poor fenmen skate the ice Or sRate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book 10
John Milton
return as bounty scorned. But whom send I to judge them? whom but thee, Vicegerent Son? To thee Rate it:

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Psalm 50
Isaac Watts
sleeps no more: behold the day! Behold, the Judge descends, his guards are nigh; Tempest and fire Rate it:

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The Course Of Time. Book X.
Robert Pollok
of redeeming love, May meet, and have my Judge for Advocate. Come gracious Influence! Breath of tRate it:

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The Day Of Doom
Michael Wigglesworth
most dread; Who with his Train comes on amain to Judge both Quick and Dead. Before his face the HeRate it:

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