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Andre Marie de Chenier
O fils du Mincius, je te salue, ô toi Par qui le dieu des arts fut roi du peuple-roi! Et vous, à qui jadis, pour créer l'harmonie, L'Attique et l'o...Rate it:

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The Chant Of The Cross-Bearing Child
James Whitcomb Riley
I bear dis cross dis many a mile. O de cross-bearin' chile-- De cross-bearin' chile! I bear dis cross 'long many a road Wha' de pink ain't bloom' ...Rate it:

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The Iron Cross
Madison Julius Cawein
THEY pass, with heavy eyes and hair, Before the Christ upon the Cross, The Nations, stricken with their loss, And lifting faces of despair. What is...Rate it:

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Verses For Alfeo Faggi's Stations Of The Cross
Padraic Colum
I HERE Pilate's Court is: None may clatter nor call Where the Wolf giving suck To the Twins glares on all 'Strip Him and scourge Him Till flesh sho...Rate it:

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Ballade Of The Southern Cross
Andrew Lang
Fair islands of the silver fleece, Hoards of unsunned, uncounted gold, Whose havens are the haunts of Peace, Whose boys are in our quarrel bold; OU...Rate it:

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From ‘The Cross’
John Donne
Who can blot out the Cross, which th’instrument Of God, dew’d on me in the Sacrament? Who can deny me power, and liberty To stretch mine arms...Rate it:

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The Joy Of The Cross
William Cowper
Long plunged in sorrow, I resign My soul to that dear hand of thine, Without reserve or fear; That hand shall wipe my streaming eyes; Or into smile...Rate it:

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Southern Cross
Harold Hart Crane
I wanted you, nameless Woman of the South, No wraith, but utterly—as still more alone The Southern Cross takes night And lifts her girdles from ...Rate it:

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The Cross
John Greenleaf Whittier
'The cross, if rightly borne, shall be No burden, but support to thee;' So, moved of old time for our sake, The holy monk of Kempen spake. Thou br...Rate it:

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The Old Stone Cross
William Butler Yeats
A STATESMAN is an easy man, He tells his lies by rote; A journalist makes up his lies And takes you by the throat; So stay at home' and drink your ...Rate it:

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A Wayside Cross
Frederick George Scott
A WAYSIDE cross at set of day Unto my sprit thus did say— "O soul, my branching arms you see Point four ways to infinity. "One points to infinite ...Rate it:

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The Cross
Leon Gellert
'I wear a cross of bronze,' he said, 'and men have told me I was brave.' He turned his head, And pointing to a grave, 'they told me that my work of...Rate it:

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The Cross of Snow
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In the long, sleepless watches of the night, A gentle face -- the face of one long dead -- Looks at me from the wall, where round its h...Rate it:

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The Shadow Of The Cross
John McCrae
At the drowsy dusk when the shadows creep From the golden west, where the sunbeams sleep, An angel mused: "Is there good or ill In the mad world'...Rate it:

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The Southern Cross
James Brunton Stephens
(A Frustration) Four stars on Night's brow, or Night's bosom, Whichever the reader prefers; Or Night without either may do some, Each one to his ta...Rate it:

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There Is a River We All Must Cross
Henry Clay Work
There is a river we all must cross, Thousands will pass it tomorrow; Some will go down to its waters with joy, Others with anguish and sorrow. Som...Rate it:

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Beneath Thy Cross
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Am I a stone, and not a sheep, That I can stand, O Christ, beneath thy cross, To number drop by drop Thy Blood's slow loss, And yet not weep? N...Rate it:

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How Herman Won The Cross
Edward George Dyson
Once in a blue eternity they gave us dabs of rum To close the seams 'n' keep the flume in liquor-tight condition; But, soft 'n' sentimental, wh...Rate it:

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Mathilde Blind
The rain beat in our faces, And shrill the wild airs grew; The long-maned clouds in races Coursed o'er heaven's windy blue. The tortured trees wer...Rate it:

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Holy-Cross Day
Robert Browning
ON WHICH THE JEWS WERE FORCED TO ATTEND AN ANNUAL CHRISTIAN SERMON IN ROME. [``Now was come about Holy-Cross Day, and now must my lord preach hi...Rate it:

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I cross till I am weary
Emily Dickinson
I cross till I am weary A Mountain—in my mind— More Mountains—then a Sea— More Seas—And then A Desert—find— And My Horizon blocks With steady—drif...Rate it:

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Ianthe! you are call'd to cross the sea!
Walter Savage Landor
Ianthe! you are call'd to cross the sea! A path forbidden me! Remember, while the Sun his blessing sheds Upon the mountain-heads, How often we have...Rate it:

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Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
Henry Francis Lyte
Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leave and follow Thee. Destitute, despised, forsaken, Thou from hence my all shall be. Perish every fond ambit...Rate it:

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Many cross the Rhine
Emily Dickinson
Many cross the Rhine In this cup of mine. Sip old Frankfort air From my brown Cigar. Rate it:

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Olney Hymn 35: Welcome Cross
William Cowper
'Tis my happiness below Not to live without the cross, But the Saviour's power to know, Sanctifying every loss; Trials must and will befall; B...Rate it:

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