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A Mathematical Problem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
This is now--this was erst, Proposition the first--and Problem the first. I. On a given finite Line Which must no way incline; To describe an equi...Rate it:

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Ho! Everyone That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
Charles Wesley
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh! ('Tis God invites the fallen race) Mercy and free salvation buy; Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace. Come...Rate it:

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S'il était vrai
Emile Verhaeren
S'il était vrai Qu'une fleur des jardins ou qu'un arbre des prés Pût conserver quelque mémoire Des amants d'autrefois qui les ont admirés Dans ...Rate it:

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A Morning Exercise
William Wordsworth
FANCY, who leads the pastimes of the glad, Full oft is pleased a wayward dart to throw; Sending sad shadows after things not sad, Peopling the harm...Rate it:

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A Ballad Of Pikeville
Ambrose Bierce
Down in Southern Arizona where the Gila monster thrives, And the 'Mescalero,' gifted with a hundred thousand lives, Every hour renounces one of the...Rate it:

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Brothers O' Mine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Brothers o' mine, brothers o' mine, All the world over, from pole to pole All of them brothers of mine and thine Every wondering, blundering soul...Rate it:

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A Father's Prayer
Edgar Albert Guest
Lord, make me tolerant and wise; Incline my ears to hear him through; Let him not stand with downcast eyes, Fearing to trust me and be true. Instru...Rate it:

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A Jewish Family In A Small Valley Opposite St. Goar, Upon The Rhine
William Wordsworth
GENIUS of Raphael! if thy wings Might bear thee to this glen, With faithful memory left of things To pencil dear and pen, Thou would'st forego the ...Rate it:

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A la gloire du vent
Emile Verhaeren
- Toi qui t'en vas là-bas, Par toutes les routes de la terre, Homme tenace et solitaire, Vers où vas-tu, toi qui t'en vas ? - J'aime le vent, l...Rate it:

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A Pâques
Emile Verhaeren
Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Réveille-toi de ton sommeil d'hiver Les fins taillis sont déjà verts Et nous voici au temps de Pâques, Frère Jacq...Rate it:

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A Pastoral Dialogue - I
Anne Killigrew
Amintor. Stay gentle Nymph, nor so solic'tous be, To fly his sight that still would gaze on thee. With other Swaines I see thee oft converse, Conte...Rate it:

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A Romance of Canada
James McIntyre
An English youth to Canada came, A labourer, John Roe by name; His little wealth had made him bold- Twenty sovereigns in gold, He was industrious a...Rate it:

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A Southern Singer
James Whitcomb Riley
Written In Madison Caweln's 'Lyrics and Idyls.' Herein are blown from out the South Songs blithe as those of Pan's pursed mouth-- As sweet in voic...Rate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2.
William Cowper
SCENE I. -- CHORUS OF ANGELS Singing. Now let us garlands weave Of all the fairest flowers, Now at this early dawn, For new-made man, and his com...Rate it:

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An Autumn Reverie
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! Beautiful Summer now hath fled, And the face of Nature doth seem dead, And the leaves are withered, and falling off the trees, By the nippin...Rate it:

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An Ode - Humbly Inscribed To The Queen, On the Glorious Success of Her Majesty's Arms
Matthew Prior
When great Augustus govern'd ancient Rome, And sent his conquering bands to foreign wars, Abroad when dreaded, and beloved at home, He saw his fame...Rate it:

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At A House In Hampstead Sometime The Dwelling Of John Keats
Thomas Hardy
O poet, come you haunting here Where streets have stolen up all around, And never a nightingale pours one Full-throated sound? Drawn from your dro...Rate it:

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Avec le même amour que tu me fus jadis
Emile Verhaeren
Avec le même amour que tu me fus jadis Un jardin de splendeur dont les mouvants taillis Ombraient les longs gazons et les roses dociles, Tu m'es...Rate it:

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Botany-Bay Flowers
Barron Field
GOD of this Planet! for the name best fits The purblind view, which men of this "dim spot" Can take of THEE, the GOD Of Suns and Spheres! What dese...Rate it:

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Mathilde Blind
ON THE RIVIERA. In tortuous windings up the steep incline The sombre street toils to the village square, Whose antique walls in stone and mouldi...Rate it:

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Calidore: A Fragment
John Keats
Young Calidore is paddling o'er the lake; His healthful spirit eager and awake To feel the beauty of a silent eve, Which seem'd full loath this ...Rate it:

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Care for Thy Soul as Thing of Greatest Price
William Byrd
Care for thy soul as thing of greatest price, Made to the end to taste of power divine, Devoid of guilt, abhorring sin and vice, Apt b...Rate it:

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto IV.
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand: I saw from out the wave her structures rise As from the stroke...Rate it:

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Cyder: Book I
John Arthur Phillips
-- -- Honos erit huic quoq; Pomo? Virg. What Soil the Apple loves, what Care is due To Orchats, timeliest when to press the Fruits, ...Rate it:

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Dramatic Fragment
Henry Timrod
Let the boy have his will! I tell thee, brother, We treat these little ones too much like flowers, Training them, in blind selfishness, to deck St...Rate it:

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