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A Mathematical Problem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
a given finite Line Which must no way incline; To describe an equi-- --lateral Tri-- --A, N, G, L, Rate it:

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Ho! Everyone That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
Charles Wesley
souls delight in me. Your willing ear and heart incline, My words believingly receive; Quickened yRate it:

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S'il était vrai
Emile Verhaeren
; Il jouirait encor de la pure clarté, Qu'incline sur la vie une aurore d'été, Et de la douce plRate it:

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A Morning Exercise
William Wordsworth
still and mute; For not an eyelid could to sleep incline Wert thou among them, singing as they shinRate it:

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A Ballad Of Pikeville
Ambrose Bierce
his chin That the Lord would send them water or incline their hearts to gin. Scarcely was the prayRate it:

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Brothers O' Mine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
for itself alone. E'er to the fallen thy mercy incline, Love thou thy neighbour! O, brothers o' minRate it:

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A Father's Prayer
Edgar Albert Guest
Lord, make me tolerant and wise; Incline my ears to hear him through; Let him not stand with downcast eyes, Fearing to trust me and be true. Instru...Rate it:

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A Jewish Family In A Small Valley Opposite St. Goar, Upon The Rhine
William Wordsworth
all his majesty-- A studious forehead to incline O'er this poor family. The Mother--her thou must Rate it:

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A la gloire du vent
Emile Verhaeren
Le vent est frais sur les maisons, Le vent incline, avec ses bras vermeils, De l'un à l'autre boRate it:

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A Pâques
Emile Verhaeren
d'or se propagent et font Que leur ombre s'incline aux vieux murs des chaumières ; Et le travail sRate it:

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A Pastoral Dialogue - I
Anne Killigrew
Love will easie make. Ah, if thou couldst incline a gentle Ear, Of plighted Faith, and Rate it:

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A Romance of Canada
James McIntyre
both oak and cherry, And to this day he doth incline To mourn o'er slaughter of the pine, And refleRate it:

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A Southern Singer
James Whitcomb Riley
shadow in the wheat. On lordly swards, of suave incline, Entessellate with shade and shine, You shRate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2.
William Cowper
with reason, Shall hold a seat in Heaven, If it incline not first with holy zeal, In tender adoratiRate it:

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An Autumn Reverie
William Topaz McGonagall
lendeth unto the Lord, But alas! they rather incline their money to hoard. Then theres the littleRate it:

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An Ode - Humbly Inscribed To The Queen, On the Glorious Success of Her Majesty's Arms
Matthew Prior
scales, Till stronger virtue does the weight incline; If over thee thy glorious foe prevails, He noRate it:

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At A House In Hampstead Sometime The Dwelling Of John Keats
Thomas Hardy
your nook? . . . -Where the Piazza steps incline, And catch late light at eventide, I once stood, Rate it:

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Avec le même amour que tu me fus jadis
Emile Verhaeren
parmi tes cheveux lisses. Quant ta tête s'incline à mon baiser profond, Que m'importe que des rideRate it:

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Botany-Bay Flowers
Barron Field
voyage to us, On board the Paper Nautilus; But I incline to the opinion That we are now in her domiRate it:

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Mathilde Blind
THE RIVIERA. In tortuous windings up the steep incline The sombre street toils to the village squRate it:

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Calidore: A Fragment
John Keats
their tender feet Come to the earth; with an incline so sweet From their low palfreys o'er his neRate it:

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Care for Thy Soul as Thing of Greatest Price
William Byrd
and vice, Apt by God's grace to virtue to incline. Care for it so as by thy retchless trainRate it:

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto IV.
George Gordon Lord Byron
fond and far These aspirations in their scope incline, If my fame should be, as my fortunes are, Rate it:

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Cyder: Book I
John Arthur Phillips
strange For Law-Debates? If, therefore, thou incline To deck this Rise with Fruits of variousRate it:

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Dramatic Fragment
Henry Timrod
they might, If left to clamber where themselves incline, Find nobler props to cling to, fitter placRate it:

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