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Nicholas Alahverdian
i am splashed with seaweed. the lofty lighthouse illuminates the land that lies eastward. rocky horRate it:

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Everlasting Light
Todd J.Caudill
everlasting light, which overwhelms any night, illuminates mountains risen high and valleys low. ItRate it:

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In Light Of Hope
Mario William Vitale
voices riot There is but one single light That illuminates the eternal night It is the light of Rate it:

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Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías
Federico García Lorca
time with less strength: that spurt that illuminates the tiers of seats, and spills over the cordurRate it:

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Lament for Zenocrate
Christopher Marlowe
Zenocrate. The crystal springs whose taste illuminates Refined eyes with an eternal sight, Like triRate it:

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Victor Marie Hugo
bird. Darkness covers the world, But the Idea illuminates and shines; With its white brightness itRate it:

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Occasional Address
Charlotte Smith
amidst his trouble, Bright moonshine still illuminates the cobble. Pale with her fears for him, somRate it:

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Ode To The Departing Year
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
where, his two bright torches blending, Love illuminates manhood's maze; Or where o'er cradled infaRate it:

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Still Reigning supreme
Nikhil Parekh
and perennial shine; which profoundly illuminates the night. Although it flies amidst a fleet of hRate it:

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Write With Every Fiber Of Your Being
Mario William Vitale
Poetry.net demonstrates a given genre that illuminates this essential happiness to all! Take baby Rate it:

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