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Gotham - Book I
Charles Churchill
his care Bar this pretence, and into air is hurl'd The claim of Europe to the Western world. Cast Rate it:

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The Death of Nicou
Thomas Chatterton
vast shell; There for a while in loud confusion hurl'd, It crumbles mountains down and shakes theRate it:

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The Demoniac of Gadara
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
the bottomless pit, have pity! It was enough to hurl King Solomon, On whom be peace! two hundred leRate it:

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The Fire Bells Are Ringing
Henry Clay Work
speeds-- like galloping gangs from Pandemonium hurl'd. Yes, firemen, take courage! did valiant deedRate it:

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To Father Kronos
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
limbs totter; While drunk with his farewell beam Hurl me,--a fiery sea Foaming still in mine eye,--Rate it:

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equally inhuman. There in utter ease they hurl me down...they insult me...they strike me and arouRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
the swift maelstrom of the eddying world We hurl our woes, and think they are no more. But round anRate it:

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The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto II.
Sir Walter Scott
start; Sudden the flying jennet wheel, And hurl the unexpected dart. He knew, by the streamers tRate it:

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The Manlet
Lewis Carroll
tea. 'Now reach me, sweet Atom, my gunlet, And hurl the old shoelet for luck; Let me hie to the banRate it:

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A Winter Night
Robert Burns
the mining outlet bocked, Down headlong hurl. List'ning, the doors an' winnocks rattle, IRate it:

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Essay on Man
Alexander Pope
a sparrow fall, Atoms or systems into ruin hurl'd, And now a bubble burst, and now a woRate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
white, Fling the rock-surf in spray on high. Hurl the high seas on harbour bars, Madden them wiRate it:

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A Ballad Of Evesham
Francis Turner Palgrave
tower, 'Gainst which the winds and waves are hurl'd In vain, unmoved, foursquare; And round him raRate it:

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A Forsaken Lady To Her False Servant That Is Disdained By His New Mistriss
Richard Lovelace
shall be forc't unto my sepulcher, Or violently hurl'd into my urne, Oh make me choose rather to frRate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book III
Edward Young
destroy'd; Southern or eastern sceptre downward hurl'd, Gave north or west dominion o'er the world;Rate it:

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A Rivulet
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
fairy eyes Of viewless passer, and the billows hurl Their sparkles on her lap, as over she flies. ARate it:

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A Royal Princess
Christina Georgina Rossetti
and stamp?' one answered: 'They made free to hurl a stone At the minister's state coach, well aimeRate it:

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A Song For St. Cecilia's Day, At Oxford
Joseph Addison
shall be no more, And all things in confusion hurl'd, Music shall then exert its power, And sounRate it:

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A Summer Noon
James Thomson
through th' unshelter'd glad, impatient, seem To hurl into the covert of the grove. All-conquering Rate it:

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A Vision Out West
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
rugged outposts meet the shock, stand fast, and hurl them back again, An avalanche of earth and roRate it:

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Sidney Lanier
most unbounded stress Can blind my soul nor hurl it from on high, Possessing thee, the self of lofRate it:

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Advice To A Raven In Russia (1812)
Joel Barlow
total vengeance on the monster's head, Hurl from his blood-built throne this king of woes, Dash himRate it:

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Always Listening To The Tunes Of My Heart
Nikhil Parekh
cow for my morning breakfast, It told me to hurl out a volley of abashing abuse to the President;Rate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the most victorious King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus
Henry King
the world From her proud height of expectation hurl'd, Stooping with him, as if she strove to havRate it:

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An Epitaph on Doctor Donne, Dean of St. Paul's
Richard Corbet
lived so. He must have wit to spare, and to hurl down; Enough to keep the gallants of the town. Rate it:

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