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Ballades V - Of His Choice of a Sepulchre
Andrew Lang
Takes the west, Where the wide-winged hawk doth hover. Silent here are lark and plover; Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
they did devise. Again, I saw a brown bird hover Over the flowers at my feet; I felRate it:

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A Cradle Song
William Blake
brows an infant crown. Sweet sleep Angel mild, Hover o'er my happy child. Sweet smiles in the nighRate it:

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A Song
William Blake
brows an infant crown Sweet Sleep, angel mild, Hover o'er my happy child! Sweet smiles, in theRate it:

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Almer Mater
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
a palinode! Still on her spire the pigeons hover; Still by her gateway haunts the gown. Ah! but heRate it:

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Lady button-eyes
Eugene Field
of the day that's done; Where the moonbeams hover o'er Playthings sleeping on the floor - Where my Rate it:

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Memory of Sun
Anna Akhmatova
yellower. Faintly if at all the early snowflakes Hover, hover. Water becoming ice is slowing in ThRate it:

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Ode to Della Crusca
Mary Darby Robinson
the wave she sung her woes, While pitying ECHO hover'd o'er the deep, Till in their coral caves, ThRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
and beautiful, I come like winds that uncertain hover; But you Are the earth I hover over. Rate it:

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The Avenging Angel
William Wilfred Campbell
Like a pallid gold leaf, uncurled. 51 And I hover and swing, until swiftly I spring, 52 Rate it:

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The Haunted Beach
Mary Darby Robinson
a jutting cliff was seen Where Sea Birds hover'd, craving; And all around, the craggs were bound WiRate it:

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The Haunter
Thomas Hardy
fancy sets him wandering I, too, alertly go? - Hover and hover a few feet from him Just as I used tRate it:

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The Rape of the Lock
Alexander Pope
to her silent Bed The Morning-Dream that hover'd o'er her Head. A Youth more glitt'ring than a BirtRate it:

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The Rape of the Lock: Canto 1
Alexander Pope
to her silent bed The morning dream that hover'd o'er her head; A youth more glitt'ring than Rate it:

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The Wanderer's Storm-Song
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
the warmth approach the Graces. Ye Muses, hover round me! Ye Graces also! That is water, that is eRate it:

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the whole year round like a clear horizon would hover before us the idea that in contrast to the paRate it:

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Temptation Blind
Kurt Philip Behm
for that I get out of bed” With words that hover and words that rhyme Truth undercover, —Rate it:

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The End of the World
Archibald MacLeish
eyes, There in the starless dark, the poise, the hover, There with vast wings across the cancelled Rate it:

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A Dirge
John Webster
and the wren, Since o'er shady groves they hover, And with leaves and flowers do cover The frienRate it:

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Ballade Of Midsummer Days And Nights
William Ernest Henley
of bells from the trampling teams, Wild skylarks hover, the gorses blaze, The rich, ripe rose as wiRate it:

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Robert Louis Stevenson
and cool; And in the wayward glass, appears To hover between smiles and tears, Elfin and human, airRate it:

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Love Lies Bleeding
Algernon Charles Swinburne
receding: Hope and joy, wind-winged, about him hover: Love lies bleeding. Rate it:

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The Evening Darkens Over
Robert Seymour Bridges
sound of distant thunder. The latest sea-birds hover Along the cliff's sheer height; As in the memRate it:

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The Falconer Of God
Stephen Vincent Benet
him so!” My wild soul waited on as falcons hover. I beat the reedy fens as I trampled put. I heRate it:

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The Invitation
Thomas Dekker
reach thee. Dwell in mine arms, aloft we'll hover, And see fields of armies fighting: Oh, partRate it:

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