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The Old Swimmin' Hole
James Whitcomb Riley
1 Oh! the old swimmin'-hole! whare the crick so still and deep 2 Looked like a baby-river that was laying half asleep, 3 And the gurg...Rate it:

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De Stove Pipe Hole
William Henry Drummond
den de ole man walk right t'roo de stove pipe hole. W'en Dominique is see heem dere, wit' wan leg Rate it:

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Black Hole
Kurt Philip Behm
the seasons Eternity on notice —another black hole (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2014)Rate it:

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Cramped in That Funnelled Hole
Wilfred Owen
Cramped in that funnelled hole, they watched the dawn Open a jagged rim around; a yawn Of death's jaws, which had all but swallowed them Stuck in t...Rate it:

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Caliban Upon Rudiments Or Autoschediastic Theology In A Hole
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Rudiments, Rudiments, and Rudiments! 'Thinketh one made them i' the fit o' the blues. 'Thinketh one made them with the 'tips' to match, But not t...Rate it:

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The 'Ole in the Ark
Marriott Edgar
at last they located the leak, 'Twere a small hole in the side, about two inches wide, Where a sworRate it:

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The Cow-Juice Cure
Robert William Service
in Sullivan's shebeen. Then in meandered Deep-hole Dan, once comrade of the cup: "Oh Billy, for thRate it:

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The Parrot and the Billy-Goat
Henry Clay Work
big bass drum, and went headforemost thro' the hole. What! headforemost through the hole? Yes! heaRate it:

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Ezra Pound
my desire and my dream have preceded me. O hole in the wall here! be thou my jongleur As ne'er hadRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
as he put his head into that dreadful hole, And as he slowly drew up, snake-easing his shoulders, aRate it:

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Are You Ready To Fulfill The Tree's Last Wish?
Nikhil Parekh
shivering skin, You insidiously drilled a hole through it to keep sight of your enemy- - yet theRate it:

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Edward George Dyson
where we didn't orter be, All in a 'elpless hole-the Pug, Bill Carkeek, Son, 'n' Gus, Don, StevRate it:

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Convicts Love Canaries
Robert William Service
wrench I stole: That's why I'm rotting in the Hole. Dick's dead! Sure I wish I was too. His honeRate it:

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Arthur Bayldon
these horrid creatures wet With a thick, unwholesome sweat Have most hideous banquets here On the pRate it:

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English Eclogues V - The Witch
Robert Southey
night I hung a pebble by the manger With a hole thro', and every body says That 'tis a special charRate it:

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Hudibras: Part 2 - Canto I
Samuel Butler
yet on Parole Redeems him from th' inchanted Hole. But now, t'observe a romantic method, Let bloodRate it:

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Instans Tyrannus
Robert Browning
hand! ``For obscurity helps him and blots ``The hole where he squats.'' So, I set my five wits on tRate it:

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Joe Golightly - Or, The First Lord's Daughter
William Schwenck Gilbert
duty, damme! duty! "Twelve months' black-hole, I say, Where daylight never flashes; And always twiRate it:

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Lola Ridge
hand till it bleeds. It is cool by the port hole. The wet rags of the wind flap in your face.Rate it:

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The Alley
Lola Ridge
in a new frill. And stars nod to you through the hole in the curtain, (except the big stiff planetsRate it:

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The Black Sheep
Robert William Service
now he is getting even, landing me down in the hole. Plugging away on the wood-pile; doing chores Rate it:

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The Dumb Soldier
Robert Louis Stevenson
mown, Walking on the lawn alone, In the turf a hole I found And hid a soldier underground. SpringRate it:

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The Hour Before Dawn
William Butler Yeats
nose into my ladle Merely for stumbling on this hole In the bad hour before the dawn.' Why beer is Rate it:

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The New-Chum Swell
Charles Thatcher
his heart with woe— ‘What! must I venture down a hole, and throw up filthy clay? If my mother couldRate it:

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The Old Bark Hut
Andrew Barton Paterson
find the gentle breezes blowing in through every hole. You can leave the old door open, or you can Rate it:

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