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Light Sakpere
Things eye see Though perfect they may seem And highly esteemed they may be Only for a moment are to be seen: Hold 'em loosely - Some the weat...Rate it:

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Hold your mad hands
Robert Southey
Hold your mad hands! for ever on your plain Must the gorged vulture clog his beak with blood? For ever must your Niger's tainted flood, Roll to ...Rate it:

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Alas! So All Things Now Do Hold Their Peace
Henry Howard
Alas! so all things now do hold their peace, Heaven and earth disturbed in nothing. The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease, The night{:...Rate it:

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Hold Me Before
Ehsan Sehgal
I dance, and I dance In the way of Qalandari I wait, and I wait for The dream of hopes As all lovers adopt that I still stay alone, Bearing the bu...Rate it:

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When I hold you in my arms
Michael Demian
When I hold you in my arms what do I feel? Something I cannot express with words. It is tenderness that warms my heart. When I’m injured, your kind...Rate it:

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Forever On Hold
Kurt Philip Behm
A literary sociopath… Hemingway wrote Both gifted and tortured, his words they provoke A verbal combatant, new victories untold His last p...Rate it:

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 5. Sometimes I Hold it half a Sin
Alfred Lord Tennyson
I sometimes hold it half a sin To put in words the grief I feel; For words, like Nature, half reveal And half conceal the Soul withi...Rate it:

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Riches I hold in light esteem
Emily Jane Brontë
Riches I hold in light esteem And Love I laugh to scorn And lust of Fame was but a dream That vanished with the morn– And if I pray, the only praye...Rate it:

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Since I cannot get a hold of you
Nobody Nose
...just wanted to pass this message along to you, since I'm unable to get in touch with you my dear Brigid...so here it goes, hope you get it and t...Rate it:

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Blessed Or Not Blessed
Nikhil Parekh
If the whites of my eyes were blessed forever to hold just a single thing; then it would be nothing else but the Omnipotent contours of your magnan...Rate it:

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I Wanted To Be Unconquerably Sure
Nikhil Parekh
I really didn't possess even the most infinitesimal of urge to know; as to what the very next moment would bring or hold for me; in the chapter of ...Rate it:

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A Day Of Sunshine
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
It was such a lovely sunshine-day, The house and the yard couldn't hold me; I roved to the woods, on my back I lay, In cradle of fancy rolled me;...Rate it:

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A Song in Time of Order. 1852
Algernon Charles Swinburne
PUSH hard across the sand, For the salt wind gathers breath; Shoulder and wrist and hand, Push hard as the push of death. The wind is as iron that...Rate it:

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Song of the Red War-Boat
Rudyard Kipling
Shove off from the wharf-edge! Steady! Watch for a smooth! Give way! If she feels the lop already She'll stand on her head in the bay. It's ebb...Rate it:

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The Day Of Sunshine
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
It was such a lovely sunshine-day, The house and the yard couldn't hold me; I roved to the woods, on my back I lay, In cradle of fancy rolled me; B...Rate it:

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The Masque of Queen Bersabe: A Miracle-Play
Algernon Charles Swinburne
KING DAVID. Knights mine, all that be in hall, I have a counsel to you all, Because of this thing God lets fall Among us for a sign. For some days ...Rate it:

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The Rhyme Of The Three Captains
Rudyard Kipling
. . . At the close of a winter day, Their anchors down, by London town, the Three Great Captains lay; And one was Admiral of the North from Sol...Rate it:

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Ballade to Our Lady of Czestochowa
Hilaire Belloc
I Lady and Queen and Mystery manifold And very Regent of the untroubled sky, Whom in a dream St. Hilda did behold And heard a woodland music passi...Rate it:

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The Vanities Of Life
John Clare
Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.--_Solomon_ What are life's joys and gains? What pleasures crowd its ways, That man should take such pains To se...Rate it:

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stephen mason
I would hold on if I could do so, to a concept, try to retain an idea as it shatters and dilutes, exposed as it is to a real world I would hold on...Rate it:

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As far as your Rifles Cover
Henry Lawson
Do you think, you slaves of a thousand years to poverty, wealth and pride, You can crush the spirit that has been free in a land that's new and wi...Rate it:

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In Memoryt Of Saretta Deakin
Edith Nesbit
_Who Died on October 25th_, 1899. THERE was a day, A horrible Autumn day, When from her home, the home she made for ours And that day made a night...Rate it:

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Richard Crashaw
LO here a little volume, but great Book A nest of new-born sweets; Whose native fires disdaining To ly thus folded, and complaining Of ...Rate it:

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The Hour And The Ghost
Christina Georgina Rossetti
BRIDE O love, love, hold me fast, He draws me away from thee; I cannot stem the blast, Nor the cold strong sea: Far away a light shines Beyond the...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The White Lady
Edith Nesbit
SIR GEOFFREY met the white lady Upon his marriage morn, Her eyes were blue as cornflowers are, Her hair was gold like corn. Sir Geoffrey gave ...Rate it:

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