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Uncle Ned’s Tales: How The Flag Was Saved
John Boyle O'Reilly
Where the sudden, awful stillness told the havoc they had made. Thus the struggle raged till noonRate it:

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How long do I have
Frank Anthony Cimino jr
out the rage that burns inside Hell and havoc have no mercy to survive How long do I have? This poeRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
the brute brain within the man's Made havoc among those tender cells, and check'd Rate it:

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Pittypat and Tippytoe
Eugene Field
There are proofs in every kind Of the havoc they have wrought, And upon my heart you'd fiRate it:

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by manned kind so cruel, with well-armed havoc to wrought Accepting a peace is not being sort More Rate it:

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No Place To Hide
Kurt Philip Behm
in my soul He roams through my consciousness as havoc and pain Trying to break through to that plaRate it:

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Here and There
Francis William Bourdillon
dying, trenches lost and won; Blood, mud, and havoc, bugles, shoutings, cries; And over all the bluRate it:

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Victoria Sackville-West
wantonly their provident plan, Making a havoc of their patient hoard; Still start afresh, not knowiRate it:

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L'Ennemi (The Enemy)
Charles Baudelaire
sunshine; Thunder and rain have wrought so much havoc That very few ripe fruits remain in my gardRate it:

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A Vision Of Folly
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
footstool, on the necks of men. Ruin awhile and havoc strewed his path. He had his day of glory andRate it:

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Thomas Hardy
battlefield's vail, That look spak' of havoc behind. The bridegroom yet laitered a beaRate it:

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Alaric In Italy
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
other lands must yet be won, And other deeds of havoc done. Warriors! your flowery bondage break, SRate it:

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Ave Maria
Alfred Austin
jaggèd teeth, Then leaped and laughed o'er the havoc wreaked, The idiot clapped with his hands, andRate it:

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Battle of the Baltic, The
Thomas Campbell
Of the sun. Again! again! again! And the havoc did not slack, Till a feeble cheer the Dane ToRate it:

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Below There's A Bucket
Mario William vitale
the serpent demonic emblems unleashed to create havoc underneath the false hidden garb of lies tRate it:

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Binsey Poplars
Gerard Manley Hopkins
or twelve, only ten or twelve Strokes of havoc unselve The sweet especial scene, Rural scene, a rurRate it:

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Boston Hymn
Ralph Waldo Emerson
the poor. Think ye I made this ball A field of havoc and war, Where tyrants great and tyrants smalRate it:

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Burning of the Exeter Theatre
William Topaz McGonagall
their hair! And as the flames spread, great havoc they did make, And the poor souls fought heroicRate it:

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Craving for Spring
David Herbert Lawrence
of exquisite finality; Come, spring, make havoc of them! I trample on the snowdrops, it gives me pRate it:

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Andrew Lang
was cumbered, As when Gledsmuir was red with the havoc they wrought. Ah, woe worth you, Sleat, andRate it:

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De Te
Adam Lindsay Gordon
doubly plain The ravage of a reckless life ; The havoc of a hurricane Of passions through that breaRate it:

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Eland’s River
George Essex Evans
at night their guns, day-sighted, rained fierce havoc overhead. Twelve long days and nights togetheRate it:

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Epistle To Augusta
George Gordon Lord Byron
sweet remembrance of a dearer shore: Sad havoc Time must with my memory make, Ere that or thou can Rate it:

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General William Booth Enters into Heaven
Vachel Lindsay
the blood of the Lamb?) But their noise played havoc with the angel-choir. (Are you washed in the bRate it:

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Herman Melville
wild September gales have strown With havoc on wreck, and dashed therewith Pale crews unknown- MenRate it:

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