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I hang limp on the Creator's pen
Boris Pasternak
day. Like an acrid drop of thick lead paint, I hang on to the Creator's pen. Rate it:

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As Watchers hang upon the East
Emily Dickinson
As Watchers hang upon the East, As Beggars revel at a feast By savory Fancy spread— As brooks in deserts babble sweet On ear too far for the deligh...Rate it:

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Hang Up The Swing Of Love Today!
Hang the body and the mind between the arms of the beloved, in the ecstasy of love's joy: Bring the tearful streams of the rainy clouds to your ey...Rate it:

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To hang our head—ostensibly
Emily Dickinson
To hang our head—ostensibly— And subsequent, to find That such was not the posture Of our immortal mind— Affords the sly presumption That in so de...Rate it:

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The Hands that Hang Down
Ada Cambridge
O lord, I am so tired! My heart is sick and sore. I work, and work, and do no good— And I can try no more! I lay my treasures up, And think they'r...Rate it:

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A Ballade of Suicide
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The gallows in my garden, people say, Is new and neat and adequately tall; I tie the noose on in a knowing way As one that knots his necktie for a ...Rate it:

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Peter the Piccaninny
Henry Kendall
He has a name which can’t be brought Within the sphere of metre; But, as he’s Peter by report, I’ll trot him out as Peter. I call him mine; but do...Rate it:

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A Necklace
William Strode
These veines are nature's nett, These cords by art are sett. If love himselfe flye here, Love is intangled here. Loe! on my neck this twist I bin...Rate it:

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Long Ago
Paul Laurence Dunbar
De ol' time's gone, de new time's hyeah Wid all hits fuss an' feddahs; I done fu'got de joy an' cheah We knowed all kin's o' weddahs, I done fu'got...Rate it:

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Mine Own John Poynz
Sir Thomas Wyatt
not be! This is the cause that I could never yet Hang on their sleeves that way, as thou mayst see,Rate it:

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Mine Own John Poynz
David McKee Wright
not be! This is the cause that I could never yet Hang on their sleeves that way, as thou mayst see,Rate it:

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On Promising Fruitfulness of a Tree
John Bunyan
A comely sight indeed it is to see A world of blossoms on an apple-tree: Yet far more comely would this tree appear, If all its dainty blooms young...Rate it:

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Parody Of “Uncle Ned”
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
DERE was an old nigger, and him name was Uncle Tom, And him tale was rather slow; Me try to read de whole, but me only read some, Because me found ...Rate it:

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Puritans - (from Hudibras)
Samuel Butler
Our brethren of New England use Choice malefactors to excuse, And hang the guiltless in their stead, Of whom the churches have less need; As late i...Rate it:

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Sir Peter Harpdon's End
William Morris
In an English Castle in Poictou. Sir Peter Harpdon, a Gascon knight in the English service, and John Curzon, his lieutenant. John Curzon Of those...Rate it:

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The Carpenter's Son
Alfred Edward Housman
"Here the hangman stops his cart: Now the best of friends must part. Fare you well, for ill fare I: Live, lads, and I will die. "Oh, at home h...Rate it:

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The Hanging Judge
Alfred George Stephens
I am the Judge, the flower of the law, Bolstered in, privileged, all men’s awe; When I am pleased to display my wit The court is a-cackle with joy ...Rate it:

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The rock-a-by lady
Eugene Field
The Rock-a-By Lady from Hushaby street Comes stealing; comes creeping; The poppies they hang from her head to her feet, And each hath a dream that ...Rate it:

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Yaksha the Great
Friend of Yakshsa
up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Oan youRate it:

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Crystal meth
Chris lowe
so weak, Folding your arms in utter disbelief. Hang onto the next part, This could take weeks, ButRate it:

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A Loafer
John Davidson
I hang about the streets all day, At night I hang about; I sleep a little when I may, But rise betimes the morning's scout; For through the year I ...Rate it:

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A London Fête
Coventry Patmore
All night fell hammers, shock on shock; With echoes Newgate's granite clang'd: The scaffold built, at eight o'clock They brought the man out to be ...Rate it:

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A Purse-String
William Strode
We hugg, imprison, hang, and save, This foe, this friend, our Lord, our slave. While thus I hang, you threatned see The fate of him that stealeth ...Rate it:

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A Radical War Song
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
Awake, arise, the hour is come, For rows and revolutions; There's no receipt like pike and drum For crazy constitutions. Close, close the shop!...Rate it:

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Afternoon Tea
Robert William Service
As I was saying . . . (No, thank you; I never take cream with my tea; Cows weren't allowed in the trenches -- got out of the habit, y'see.) As I wa...Rate it:

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