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Alison Gross
Andrew Lang
O Alison Gross, that lives in yon tow'r, The ugliest witch in the north countrie, She trysted me ae day up till her bow'r, And mony fair speeches s...Rate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book 11
John Milton
Those pure immortal elements, that know, No gross, no unharmonious mixture foul, Eject him, tainRate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book X
John Milton
pure immortal Elements that know No gross, no unharmoneous mixture foule, Eject him tainted now, anRate it:

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George Wither
that vapours which do breathe From the Earth's gross womb beneath, Seem unto us with black steams TRate it:

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The Song Of The Sword--To Rudyard Kipling
William Ernest Henley
the fungous brood, Spawned in my shadow And gross with my gift! Thrust through, and hearken O, harkRate it:

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Moses: A Story Of The Nile (extract)
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
one might almost gather In his hand, it was so gross and thick. Then came The last dread plague — tRate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
surrounding clouds, And do not in thine own gross darkness grope, Rise up, and casting off thy hiRate it:

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Yaksha the Great
Friend of Yakshsa
honey, because you're about to eat it! Yowser! Gross. There's a bee in the car! - Do something! - IRate it:

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Flesh and Spirit
William Baylebridge
that no false outward eye perceived her, Too gross, but that pure eye within my heart. Nor feigneRate it:

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Lo, I Am A Garden Gnome
Joe Blow
infection on my left big toe? I find it rather gross. How does yeast extract taste so good on toastRate it:

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The Legend of Mirth
Rudyard Kipling
faithful, firm, persistent, just Toward all that gross, indifferent, facile dust, The Archangels laRate it:

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Mark Akenside
disgust From things deformed, or disarranged and gross In species. This nor gems nor stores of goldRate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
it more fair accordingly it makes, And the gross matter of this earthly mine, Which clotheth it, thRate it:

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A Rare Guest
Alfred Austin
Love, if it could choose, Would not, as gross worldlings use, Summon smiles and state to be SponsorRate it:

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A Satyre Against Mankind
Lord John Wilmot
so proud of being rational. His senses are too gross; and he'll contrive A sixth, to contradict thRate it:

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A Sicilian Idyll
Thomas Sturge Moore
had all been wasted On a bald man, a fat man, a gross man, a beast To scare the best guest from tRate it:

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A Suplication For The Joys Of Heaven
Anne Kingsmill Finch
in the etherial Courts To Men refin'd from every gross allay Who taught the Flesh the Spirit to obeRate it:

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A Triad
Christina Georgina Rossetti
shamed herself in love; one temperately Grew gross in soulless love, a sluggish wife; One famished Rate it:

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A Vision Of Climate
Ambrose Bierce
through spiritual evidence, Reported not by gross material sense. 'Why come ye here?' I seemed to cRate it:

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Address To Kilchurn Castle, Upon Loch Awe
William Wordsworth
touch each other to the quick in modes Which the gross world no sense hath to perceive, No soul to Rate it:

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All Souls' Night
William Butler Yeats
death, To drink from the wine-breath While our gross palates drink from the whole wine. I need someRate it:

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An Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
So it more fair accordingly it makes, And the gross matter of this earthly mine, Which clothetRate it:

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An Invective Written By Mr. George Chapman Against Mr. Ben Jonson
George Chapman
the loss Of his vast learning, this may prove it gross: True Muses ever vent breaths mixt with fireRate it:

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Beppo, A Venetian Story
George Gordon Lord Byron
friend, Walk or ride to the Strand, and buy in gross (Or if set out beforehand these may send ByRate it:

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Body And Soul: A Metaphysical Argument
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
bound to a material mate, Through whose gross shape and quality Alone my worth revealed may be. YeRate it:

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