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The Old Man's Wish
Anonymous Americas
young girl to rub my bald pate. May I govern my passion with an absolute sway, And grow wRate it:

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George Crabbe
and she loved her way, More pleased in truth to govern than obey; She heard her priest with reverenRate it:

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A Manager's Perplexities
William Schwenck Gilbert
manage to humour them, little and great, Can govern a tuppenny-ha'penny State! Both A and B rehearRate it:

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Freedom's Plow
Langston Hughes

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My Dear and Only Love
James Graham
I pray This noble world of thee Be govern'd by no other sway But purest monarchy; Rate it:

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Tale XXI
George Crabbe
girls,' the Widow cried, 'a lively three To govern well--indeed it cannot be.' 'Yes,' he replied, 'Rate it:

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Upon A Little Lady
Anne Killigrew
Noblest Pow'rs and Gentlest that Above, Govern us Men, but govern still with Love, Vouchsafe to telRate it:

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Serepta Mason
Edgar Lee Masters
ways of the wind And the unseen forces That govern the processes of life. Rate it:

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A Destiny
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
from the height of a prescriptive throne,) To govern natures nobler than their own. IV. And as hRate it:

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A Litany
John Donne
for it, and all else for us, Thou madest, and govern'st ever, come And re-create me, now grown ruRate it:

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A Morning Dream
Li Ching Chao
this might not help the Emperor to govern, It is endless happiness. The life of men could be like tRate it:

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A Poem Written By Sir Henry Wotton In His Youth
Sir Henry Wotton
trust, words writ in dust? Suffering her Eyes to govern my despair, my pain for air; And fruit of Rate it:

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Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
people whom, debauch'd with ease, No King could govern, nor no God could please; (Gods they had tRate it:

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Affliction (III)
George Herbert
knew that thou wast in the grief, To guide and govern it to my relief, Making a sceptre of the roRate it:

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An 'Exhibit'
Ambrose Bierce
the floor When I'd be talking. The laws that govern jails are bad If such displays are lawful. TheRate it:

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An Essay on Man: Epistle II
Alexander Pope
a bad we call, Each works its end, to move or govern all: And to their proper operation still, ARate it:

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An Ode - Humbly Inscribed To The Queen, On the Glorious Success of Her Majesty's Arms
Matthew Prior
When great Augustus govern'd ancient Rome, And sent his conquering bands to foreign wars, Abroad when dreaded, and beloved at home, He saw his fame...Rate it:

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Artists Are Not Taught; They Are Born
Nikhil Parekh
Creator didn't need to be taught how to govern this earth; his omnipresent presence throbbing loudlRate it:

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Ballad Of The Banished And Returning Count
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
they hear with delight. "The king who erst govern'd returneth again, And restores to the Faithful Rate it:

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Born To love
Nikhil Parekh
master, Kings were born to royally rule; govern fathomless civilizations with great vigor and ariRate it:

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Boston Hymn
Ralph Waldo Emerson
and school. Lo, now! if these poor men Can govern the land and sea, And make just laws below the sRate it:

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Carmen Seculare. For the Year 1700. To The King
Matthew Prior
terrible in War: The boldest Virtues that have govern'd Earth From Latium's fruitful Womb derive thRate it:

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Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 11
Sa di
May that prince never govern a kingdom Who is not an obedient slave to God. Rate it:

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Robert Frost
but design of darkness to appall?-- If design govern in a thing so small. Rate it:

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Divine Love Endures No Rival
William Cowper
the conflict of two rival tides. Both cannot govern in one soul; Then let self–love be dispossesseRate it:

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