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Go Away
Ehsan Sehgal
You will not succeed With your false promises Go away, I do not want To be your lies' victim Let me live In a natural breath With the colours Of an...Rate it:

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go away
Robert Graves
i hate you hate me ! im in the dark sitting alone can you go away im just a little go go away i can use my powers on you if you ill call the ...Rate it:

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Away! Away! Away! Away!
Henry David Thoreau
Away! away! away! away! Ye have not kept your secret well, I will abide that other day, Those other lands ye tell. Has time no leisure left for...Rate it:

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Away, Away, From The Sultry Ways.
Freeman Edwin Miller
Away, away, from the sultry ways Where the pleasures fall and fade, To the bannered corn and the meadowed bloom And the forest's cooling shade! ...Rate it:

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Away, Away, Ye Notes Of Woe!
George Gordon Lord Byron
Away, away, ye notes of woe! Be silent, thou once soothing strain, Or I must flee from hence--for, oh! I dare not trust those sounds again. To me t...Rate it:

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Fly Away, Fly Away Over The Sea
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Fly away, fly away over the sea, Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done; Come again, come again, come back to me, Bringing the summer and bringi...Rate it:

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Far Away
Ehsan Sehgal
Why my destination is far away, From my sight I have become weary Since my continuous journey All my hair turned Into white now I left out my h...Rate it:

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The Fly Away
Ehsan Sehgal
Your sweet talks The flowery words With its fragrance The warm style Of delivery This longing, love I know It makes honey For its food And own pr...Rate it:

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Fly Away
Ehsan Sehgal
You were my love The feelings The thoughts The days The nights The talks All the activities inspired me Only your love That touched my love It was ...Rate it:

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And you, my friends who have been called away
Anna Akhmatova
And you, my friends who have been called away, I have been spared to mourn for you and weep, Not as a frozen willow over your memory, But to cry to...Rate it:

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Call Me Away
Anne Brontë
Call me away; there's nothing here, That wins my soul to stay; Then let me leave this prospect drear, And hasten far away. ...Rate it:

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Cast away care
Thomas Dekker
Cast away care; he that loves sorrow Lengthens not a day, nor can buy to-morrow ; Money is trash, and he that will spend it, L...Rate it:

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Don't Drive Me Away
Louisa May Alcott
'Don't drive me away, But hear what I say: Bad men want the gold; They will steal it to-night, And you must take flight; So be quiet and busy and b...Rate it:

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Far Away
Isaac Rosenberg
By what pale light or moon-pale shore Drifts my soul in lonely flight ? Regions God had floated o'er Ere He touched the world with light ? Not in ...Rate it:

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A Letter To One Far Away
Harriet Monroe
Dear Wanderer— The sky is gray, With flecks of blue The clouds rush over. A bird is singing Far away, And butterflies Taste of the clover. ...Rate it:

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A Poem A Day; Keeps The Doctor Away.
Nikhil Parekh
For the ravishingly undulating and fathomless oceans; a majestically gliding shark a day; keeps the doctor forever away, For the swelteringly imp...Rate it:

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A Thousand Miles Away
Andrew Barton Paterson
Hurrah for the Roma railway! Hurrah for Cobb and Co., And oh! for a good fat horse or two to carry me Westward Ho To carry me Westward Ho! my boys,...Rate it:

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Although I put away his life
Emily Dickinson
Although I put away his life— An Ornament too grand For Forehead low as mine, to wear, This might have been the Hand That sowed the flower, he pre...Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead--. He is just away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown l...Rate it:

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Away Down South In The Land of Traitors
Anonymous Americas
Away down South in the land of traitors, Rattlesnakes and alligators, Right away, come away, right away, come away. Where cotton's king and men are...Rate it:

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Away from Home are some and I—
Emily Dickinson
Away from Home are some and I— An Emigrant to be In a Metropolis of Homes Is easy, possibly— The Habit of a Foreign Sky We—difficult—acquire As Ch...Rate it:

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Away The Bowl
John Pierpont
Our grateful hearts with temperance burn, Away, away the bowl, From dram shops all, our steps we turn, Away, away the bowl; Farewell to rum and all...Rate it:

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Away With Funeral Music
Robert Louis Stevenson
AWAY with funeral music - set The pipe to powerful lips - The cup of life's for him that drinks And not for him that sips. Rate it:

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Away, Delights
John Fletcher
AWAY, delights! go seek some other dwelling, For I must die. Farewell, false love! thy tongue is ever telling Lie after lie. For ever let...Rate it:

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Away, thou shalt not love me
John Wilbye
Away, thou shalt not love me. So shall my love seem greater And I shall love the better. Shall it be so? what say you? Why speak you not I pray you...Rate it:

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