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Sonnet 55: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
William Shakespeare
Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme, But you shall shine more bright in these contents Than unswept s...Rate it:

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A Linnet In A Gilded Cage
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A linnet in a gilded cage, - A linnet on a bough, - In frosty winter one might doubt Which bird is luckier now. But let the trees burst out in ...Rate it:

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Gilded Gold
Francis Thompson
Thou dost to rich attire a grace, To let it deck itself with thee, And teachest pomp strange cunning ways To be thought simplicity. But lilies, sto...Rate it:

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Not Marble Nor The Gilded Monuments
Archibald MacLeish
THE praisers of women in their proud and beautiful poems Naming the grave mouth and the hair and the eyes Boasted those they loved should be foreve...Rate it:

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When Age Comes On
James Whitcomb Riley
When Age comes on!-- 'The deepening dusk is where the dawn Once glittered splendid, and the dew In honey-drips, from red rose-lips Was kissed away ...Rate it:

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The Age of Reason
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Whene'er I read some savage tale Of punishment devised By tyrants in an olden day, When serfs were victimised, I reverently tell myself: 'Thank God...Rate it:

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The Present Age
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Say not the age is hard and cold- I think it brave and grand; When men of diverse sects and creeds Are clasping hand in hand. The Parsee from his ...Rate it:

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The Age Of The Antonines
Herman Melville
While faith forecasts millennial years Spite Europe's embattled lines, Back to the Past one glance be cast-- The Age of the Antonines! O summit of ...Rate it:

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Ballade Of Youth And Age
William Ernest Henley
Spring at her height on a morn at prime, Sails that laugh from a flying squall, Pomp of harmony, rapture of rhyme - Youth is the sign of them, one ...Rate it:

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To Ladies Of A Certain Age
John Trumbull
Ye ancient Maids, who ne'er must prove The early joys of youth and love, Whose names grim Fate (to whom 'twas given, When marriages were made in he...Rate it:

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The Old Age Of Queen Maeve
William Butler Yeats
A certain poet in outlandish clothes Gathered a crowd in some Byzantine lane, Talked1 of his country and its people, sang To some stringed instrume...Rate it:

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The World's Age
Charles Kingsley
Who will say the world is dying? Who will say our prime is past? Sparks from Heaven, within us lying, Flash, and will flash till the last. Fools! w...Rate it:

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This Enlightened Age
Ada Cambridge
I Say it to myself—in meekest awe Of Progress, electricity and steam, Of this almighty age—this liberal age, That has no time to breathe, or think,...Rate it:

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The Age of Aquarius
Mihaela Zaharia
I’m not The prophet But the voice of all the prophets. Oh, you’ve been warned too many times! Are you prepared? The doomsday comes! This is the daw...Rate it:

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Here—now—our age of socialism!...
Boris Pasternak
Here—now—our age of socialism! Here in the thick of life below. Today in the name of things to be Into the future forth we go. Like Georgia shinin...Rate it:

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In The Neolithic Age
Rudyard Kipling
In the Neolithic Age savage warfare did I wage For food and fame and woolly horses' pelt; I was singer to my clan in that dim, red Dawn of Man, A...Rate it:

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On The Busts Of Milton, In Youth And Age, At Stourhead
William Lisle Bowles
IN YOUTH. Milton, our noblest poet, in the grace Of youth, in those fair eyes and clustering hair, That brow untouched by one faint line of care, ...Rate it:

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The Golden Age
Alfred Austin
Long ere the Muse the strenuous chords had swept, And the first lay as yet in silence slept, A Time there was which since has stirred the lyre To n...Rate it:

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The Golden Age
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Is it the dawn of a Golden Age And a swift release from pain? The politicians fight and rage Where doubt and chaos reign. But out on the fields, wi...Rate it:

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To Age
Walter Savage Landor
Welcome, old friend! These many years Have we lived door by door; The fates have laid aside their shears Perhaps for some few more. I was indo...Rate it:

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Youth and Age
Vance Palmer
Youth that rides the wildest horse, Youth that throws the deadliest steer, Spending strength without remorse, Grappling with the ghosts ...Rate it:

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Old age
Mazloom Gill
Old age Intimate grooves on old face Diffused hair, trebling lips Not know what he had thoughts?  No one may be he had If has then not he had too ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
HANDLING OLD AGE. Last Birthday I was eighty-three Yet I feel twenty-nine My appetite is excellent And I do enjoy my wine. I still feel quite pr...Rate it:

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A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age
Alice Meynell
Listen, and when thy hand this paper presses, O time-worn woman, think of her who blesses What thy thin fingers touch, with her caresses. O mot...Rate it:

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William Lisle Bowles
Age, thou the loss of health and friends shalt mourn! But thou art passing to that night-still bourne, Where labour sleeps. The linnet, chattering ...Rate it:

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