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Eternal Pain
Abinash Parajuli
no sign of hope No peace of mind…………………clashes Generally Deactivating………………..merchandising Extreme Rate it:

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The Working Monarch
William Schwenck Gilbert
interesting Eastern Potentate. After that we generally Go and dress our private VALET - (It's a raRate it:

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Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel
Life is generally of two path. The rosy and hard path. We walk on these path when life invite us. When the hard path calls we frown. When the rosy...Rate it:

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A Prince from Western Libya
Constantine P. Cavafy
of Menelaos, the Prince from Western Libya, was generally liked in Alexandria during the ten days hRate it:

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Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 13
Sa di
despotism of kings because their thoughts are generally occupied with important affairs of state soRate it:

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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 16
Sa di
became a courtier of his majesty the sultan, generally esteemed and trusted. I was delighted with hRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Sixteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
adopted since by modern youth. Bows have they, generally with two strings; Horses they ride withoRate it:

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Don Juan: Dedication
George Gordon Lord Byron
not often claim the bright reversion) Has generally no great crop to spare it, he Being oRate it:

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Down By the Carib Sea
James Weldon Johnson
in a fashion; But by dancing I mean, Not what's generally seen, But dancing of fire and passion, OfRate it:

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Father's Letter
Eugene Field
seen the home-folks for going on a year! Most generally it 's Marthy does the writing, but as she IRate it:

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Forsaking All Others Part 3
Alice Duer Miller
and old and low Wherein strange couples go Generally after dark, Clop-clopping round the park. Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
all 'ot sand an' ginger when alive, An' 'e's generally shammin' when 'e's dead. 'E's a daisy, 'e'Rate it:

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Ghost That Wouldn't Lie Still
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
up from out his grave To gibber and repine And generally misbehave By raving as lost spirits rave: Rate it:

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Giffen's Debt
Rudyard Kipling
crazy cottages about their ears, And generally cleared those villages. Then came the water, and theRate it:

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Henry Purcell
Gerard Manley Hopkins
of man as created both in him and in all men generally. Have, fair fallen, O fair, fair have falleRate it:

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Illusions Foray
Kurt Philip Behm
what it can’t even name If generalizations are generally true, what can we really know With thRate it:

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Andrew Barton Paterson
in and morning out. The Boer, you see, he generally runs; But sometimes, when he hides behind a rRate it:

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John Adams Monarchical Ideas
Mercy Warren
unfounded.' On your return from Europe it was generally thought that you looked coldly on your RepuRate it:

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La Nuit Blanche
Rudyard Kipling
A much-discerning Public hold The Singer generally sings And prints and sells his past for gold. Whatever I may here disclaim, The very clever fol...Rate it:

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Last Sonnets At Paris
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
of few words: for me— I think I was accounted generally A fool, and just a little cracked. Thy smRate it:

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David John Scott
bearing Upon the question they are hearing, And generally keep in hand The arguments, so strong andRate it:

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Mouse Trap
Nikhil Parekh
at threadbare rates from the market; with people generally wading their hands as far from me; as coRate it:

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On Hearing that Constantinople Was Swallowed Up by an Earthquake
Amelia Opie
[A Report, though false, at that time generally believed.] Fallen are thy towers, Byzantium! towers that stood Before the Turk's dread fury, when ...Rate it:

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Preface to Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll
of them had ever been able to understand---so it generally ended in its being fastened on, anyhoRate it:

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Teddy Bear
Alan Alexander Milne
exercise he can By falling off the ottoman, But generally seems to lack The energy to clamber back.Rate it:

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