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A youth in apparel that glittered
Stephen Crane
A youth in apparel that glittered Went to walk in a grim forest. There he met an assassin Attired all in garb of old days; He, scowling through...Rate it:

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Upon Apparel
John Bunyan
God gave us Cloaths to hide our Nakedness, And we by them, do it expose to View. Our Pride, and unclean Minds, to an excess, By our Apparel we t...Rate it:

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Neatness In Apparel
Charles Lamb
In your garb and outward clothing A reservëd plainness use; By their neatness more distinguished Than the brightness of their hues. All the colour...Rate it:

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The Gay Gordons
Sir Henry Newbolt
(Dargai, October 20, 1897) Whos for the Gathering, who's for the Fair? (Gay goes the Gordon to a fight) The bravest of the brave are at deadlock t...Rate it:

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A Beavy Of The Fair & Gay
Thomas Parnell
A Beavy of the fair & Gay, Such as are daily Smoakt in tea, & toasted over wine, Vext to be made so long the Jeast Of tongues & pens, to go in ques...Rate it:

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An Ode : While Blooming Youth And Gay Delight
Matthew Prior
While blooming youth and gay delight Sit on thy rosy cheeks confess'd, Thou hast, my dear, undoubted right To triumph o'er this destined breast. My...Rate it:

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On Mr. Gay
Alexander Pope
Of Manners gentle, of Affections mild; In Wit, a Man; Simplicity, a Child: With native Humour temp'ring virtuous Rage, Form'd to delight at once an...Rate it:

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The Sun is gay or stark
Emily Dickinson
The Sun is gay or stark According to our Deed. If Merry, He is merrier— If eager for the Dead Or an expended Day He helped to make too bright His ...Rate it:

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While Summer Suns O'er the Gay Prospect Play'd
Thomas Warton Jr.
While summer suns o'er the gay prospect play'd, Through Surrey's verdant scenes, where Epsom spread 'Mid intermingling elms her flowery meads, A...Rate it:

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On Gay Wallpaper
William Carlos Williams
The green-blue ground is ruled with silver lines to say the sun is shining And on this moral sea of grass or dreams lie flowers or baskets of desi...Rate it:

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Stranger's In A Strange Land II
Mario William Vitale
There I was completely wasted, out of work and down All inside it's so frustrating as I look inside through a barricade getting lost in a haze deco...Rate it:

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Epistle To My Brother George
John Keats
paw, and prance, Bestridden of gay knights, in gay apparel, Who at each other tilt in playful quarrRate it:

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Hunting Song
Sir Walter Scott
Waken, lords and ladies gay, On the mountain dawns the day; All the jolly chase is here With hawk and horse and hunting-spear, Hounds are in their ...Rate it:

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The Olive Of Peace
James Henry Leigh Hunt
Now sheath'd is the Sword that was wild as the blast: The Tempest of Slaughter and Terror is past; Old ALBION her Neighbour all smilingly hails— ...Rate it:

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Descriptive Jottings of London
William Topaz McGonagall
As I stood upon London Bridge and viewed the mighty throng Of thousands of people in cabs and 'busses rapidly whirling along, All furiously driving...Rate it:

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A Christmas Carol
George Wither
So now is come our joyful'st feast, Let every man be jolly. Each room with ivy leaves is drest, And every post with holly. Though some churls at ou...Rate it:

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Lead Soldiers
Amy Lowell
The nursery fire burns brightly, crackling in cheerful little explosions and trails of sparks up the back of the chimney. Miniature rockets pepperi...Rate it:

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A Company of Fiends
Joseph Mark Ippolito
A Company O’ Fiends Tae’ spy whit few hae’ spied Suffice tae’ spin this tale Wan white horse o’ hell, none much can tell Oan wing an’ surly sail ...Rate it:

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Adelaide Ironside
James Brunton Stephens
Knowest thou now, O Love! Oh pure from the death of thy summer of sweetness! Seest thou now, O new-born Delight of the Ransomed and Free! We have ...Rate it:

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An Undress Uniform
Ambrose Bierce
The apparel does _not_ proclaim the man Polonius lied like a partisan, And Salomon still would a hero seem If (Heaven dispel the impossible dream!)...Rate it:

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Anashuya And Vijaya
William Butler Yeats
A little Indian temple in the Golden Age. Around it a garden; around that the forest. Anashuya, the young priestess, kneelinq within the temple. A...Rate it:

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Ballade of the Traffickers
Franklin P. Adams
Up goes the price of our bread-- Up goes the cost of our caking! People must ever be fed; Bakers must ever be baking. So, though our nerves may...Rate it:

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Stephen Crane
A youth in apparel that glittered Went to walk in a grim forest. There he met an assassin Attired all in garb of old days; He, scowling through...Rate it:

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Day's Rain Is Done
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Day's rain is done. The rainy mist of night Spreads on the sky, leaden apparel wearing, And through the pine-trees, like a ghost appearing, The moo...Rate it:

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Death Of Zoe March
Mario William Vitale
it had started to rain on the night that she first decided to make her way onto a graveyard scene for it was none other but Halloween a black cat...Rate it:

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