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The Gay Gordons
Sir Henry Newbolt
for the Gathering, who's for the Fair? (Gay goes the Gordon to a fight) The bravest of the brave arRate it:

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A Beavy Of The Fair & Gay
Thomas Parnell
A Beavy of the fair & Gay, Such as are daily Smoakt in tea, & toasted over wine, Vext to be made so long the Jeast Of tongues & pens, to go in ques...Rate it:

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An Ode : While Blooming Youth And Gay Delight
Matthew Prior
While blooming youth and gay delight Sit on thy rosy cheeks confess'd, Thou hast, my dear, undoubted right To triumph o'er this destined breast. My...Rate it:

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On Mr. Gay
Alexander Pope
say, Striking their pensive bosoms- Here lies GAY. Rate it:

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The Sun is gay or stark
Emily Dickinson
The Sun is gay or stark According to our Deed. If Merry, He is merrier— If eager for the Dead Or an expended Day He helped to make too bright His ...Rate it:

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While Summer Suns O'er the Gay Prospect Play'd
Thomas Warton Jr.
While summer suns o'er the gay prospect play'd, Through Surrey's verdant scenes, where Epsom spread 'Mid intermingling elms her flowery meads, A...Rate it:

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On Gay Wallpaper
William Carlos Williams
The green-blue ground is ruled with silver lines to say the sun is shining And on this moral sea of grass or dreams lie flowers or baskets of desi...Rate it:

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Hunting Song
Sir Walter Scott
Waken, lords and ladies gay, On the mountain dawns the day; All the jolly chase is here With hawk and horse and hunting-spear, Hounds are in their ...Rate it:

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The Olive Of Peace
James Henry Leigh Hunt
again in our Vales! Beam on the day, Thou Olive gay: 'Matchless is he Who planted thee; And mayst tRate it:

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Ode On The Istallation of the Duke of Devonshire
Charles Kingsley
grandchild round her, Will for them at least be gay; Share for once their holiday; And, knowing sheRate it:

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'The Rose Family' Song 1
Louisa May Alcott
spin; The sun shines fair without, And we are gay within. O robin in the tree-top, With sunshiRate it:

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A Descriptive Poem on the Silvery Tay
William Topaz McGonagall
silvery Tay, With your landscapes, so lovely and gay, Along each side of your waters, to Perth all Rate it:

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A Poem: To The Memory of Mrs. Oldfield
Richard Savage
Fashion past: So sweetly serious, so discreetly gay, None went unpleas'd, or unimprov'd away. And yRate it:

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A True Tale
Mary Barber
Mother met, one Day, The Book of Fables, writ by Gay; And told her Children, Here's a Treasure, A FRate it:

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Isabella Valancy Crawford
like a lady. Proud the stream with lily-bud, Gay with glancing swallow; Swift its trillion-footed Rate it:

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Croquet by Moonlight
Julia A Moore
mingled together, the bashful with the gay, And had a pleasant time and chat, while playing at croqRate it:

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Robert William Service
distress . . . Mirror enough, I guess. I'm gay! You bet I AM gay; But I wasn't a while agoRate it:

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Lapis Lazuli
William Butler Yeats
palette and fiddle-bow. Of poets that are always gay, For everybody knows or else should know That Rate it:

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Song- I'd be a Fairy King
Charles Sangster
bold; We'd hunt all day, Through the wildwood gay, In our guise of green and gold; And we'd lead suRate it:

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The Borough. Letter X: Clubs And Social Meetings
George Crabbe
taste: With wisdom cheerful, temperately gay, Pleased to enjoy, and willing to display. If thus youRate it:

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The Lord of the Isles: Canto II.
Sir Walter Scott
goblet, spread the festive board! Summon the gay, the noble, and the fair! Through the loud hall, iRate it:

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To a Lady, with Some Coloured Patterns of Flowers
William Shenstone
the tulip seen: Distant they strike, inelegantly gay, To the near view no pleasing charms display. Rate it:

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Verses Occasioned By The Right Honourable The Lady Viscountess Tyrconnel's Recovery At Bath
Richard Savage
her Sire, and speaks her Mother's wit. O'er the gay world the sweet inspirer reigns; Spleen flies,Rate it:

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Lord Robert
Sydney Thompson Dobell
hoping by wood or lea To be ware of the stranger gay Who turned and whispered, 'Remember me.' (Oh LRate it:

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Edmund's Wedding
Mary Darby Robinson
sits the wan Youth, in his wedding-suit gay! Now sighing so deeply, now frantickly raving Beneath tRate it:

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