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Conroy's Gap
Andrew Barton Paterson
its shame and sin Under the shelter of Conroy's Gap -- Under the shade of that frowning range ThRate it:

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Cunningham's Gap
Henry Mackenzie Green
As I came over Cunningham's Gap a skin of time peeled off the map The fern's green ocean overflowed the hard black surface of the road and lapped t...Rate it:

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The Road to Hogan's Gap
Andrew Barton Paterson
song “The Livin’ Dead” Up there at Hogan’s Gap. They like to make it pretty strong WhenevRate it:

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To fill a Gap
Emily Dickinson
To fill a Gap Insert the Thing that caused it— Block it up With Other—and 'twill yawn the more— You cannot solder an Abyss With Air. Rate it:

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No Gaps
Nikhil Parekh
The gap between the brilliantly extreme " North Pole" and supremely celestial "South Pole: " was infinite; yet you weren't per...Rate it:

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The Lost Letter
Henry Clay Work
that love laden letter, Flutter'd down thro' the gap in the wall. Two lives wreck'd by a zephyr! TRate it:

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A Friendly Game Of Football
Edward George Dyson
by The Dingoes - they're the pride of Squatter's Gap- To a friendly game of football on the flat byRate it:

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The Legend of Cooee Gully
Henry Lawson
The night came down thro’ Deadman’s Gap, Where the ghostly saplings bent Before a wind that tore the fly From many a digger’s tent. Dark as pitch,...Rate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
of corporate opportunities. Roszak questions the gap formed by technology, Among poor and rich schoRate it:

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Puisque j'ai mis ma lèvre (Since I Have Placed My Lip)
Victor Marie Hugo
veiled too far From me has shone across The gap that severs us, Since you have let me seize One Rate it:

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The Frog
Hilaire Belloc
or 'Polly-wog,' Or likewise 'Ugly James,' Or 'Gap-a-grin,' or 'Toad-gone-wrong,' Or 'Bill Bandy-kneRate it:

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Touched by Eternity
Donka Kristeva
Man stood in the gap and grieved for the friend he never had, for mother and father-- not present in heart. Disguised as a loner, he raged and rebe...Rate it:

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A Death in the Bush
Henry Kendall
to link, Ran off against the fish-pools to the gap Which sets you face to face with gleaming miles Rate it:

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A Defence Of English Spring
Alfred Austin
of the winding lane: Push through the open gap, and leap; What! have you tumbled all aheap? Only a Rate it:

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A Dream of Venice
Ada Cambridge
in her palace-fronts, Pointing to yawning gap and crumbling boss, And colonnades, time-stained and Rate it:

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A Gallop from the Train
William Henry Ogilvie
beat, or maybe two beats of his heart There's a gap we know of leading from the stubble, And we haRate it:

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A Runnable Stag
John Davidson
shout; But 'twas only a brocket that broke a gap In the beechen underwood, driven out, From the Rate it:

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Jane Taylor
lap ; Then Dancing springs up, and skips into a gap ; Next Drawing and all its varieties come, SeweRate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
at the crossing of city-ways: And the haunted gap in your mind has filled with thoughts that flow LRate it:

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All The Little Hoofprints
Robinson Jeffers
(This was The first time that we visited Pigeon Gap, whence you look down behind the great shoulderRate it:

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An Allegory
Percy Bysshe Shelley
like the restless clouds that haunt The gap of some cleft mountain, lifted high Into the whirlwindRate it:

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Arion to a Dolphin, On His Majesty's passage into England.
Katherine Philips
him no pleasure is, He spar'd their bloud who gap'd for his; Blush'd any hands the English Crown Rate it:

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As They Come
William Henry Ogilvie
Right and left the leaders wheel, Seeking gap and gate, Catch his head and give him heel! Ride your country straight! Fences are by fortune mad...Rate it:

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At Long Bay
Henry Kendall
random thrown, And Echo lived about this walk Of gap and slimy stone. Here first we learned the LoRate it:

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Battered Bob
Edward George Dyson
down to the Wannon, and right up to Spooner’s Gap, And he scooped the honours smiling, and he held Rate it:

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