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Admiral Death
Sir Henry Newbolt
Boys, are ye calling a toast to-night? (Hear what the sea-wind saith) Fill for a bumper strong and bright, And here's to Admiral Death! He's sailed...Rate it:

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The Boss of the Admiral Lynch
Andrew Barton Paterson
Did you ever hear tell of Chili? I was readin' the other day Of President Balmaceda and of how he was sent away. It seems that he didn't suit 'em...Rate it:

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Admiral Lord Collingwood
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
METHINKS it is a glorious thing, To sail upon the deep ; A thousand sailors under you, Their watch and ward to keep : To see your gallant battle-f...Rate it:

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The Death Of Admiral Blake
Sir Henry Newbolt
(August 7th, 1657) Laden with spoil of the South, fulfilled with the glory of achievement, And freshly crowned with never-dying fame, Sweeping by ...Rate it:

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The Admiral's Ghost
Alfred Noyes
I tell you a tale to-night Which a seaman told to me, With eyes that gleamed in the lanthorn light And a voice as low as the sea. You could almo...Rate it:

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To The Spanish Admiral Count Gravina
William Cowper
My rose, Gravina, blooms anew; And steeped not now in rain, But in Castalian streams by you, Will never fade again. Rate it:

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Full Stop.
Nikhil Parekh
Put a perpetual FULL STOP; to every ounce of diabolically demented lies; the profanely beleaguered manipulation of the tongue which was the greates...Rate it:

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A Full Day Of Sunshine
Nikhil Parekh
A full day of Sunshine provides truck loads of dazzling light, evaporating traces of imprisoned water with blemishes of grey. a full day of Sunsh...Rate it:

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The World is Full of Kindness
Henry Lawson
The World is full of kindness— And not the poor alone; We Christians in our blindness Bow down to hearts of stone; The clever, bitter cynic, Whose ...Rate it:

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A Soliloquy Of The Full Moon, She Being In A Mad Passion
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Now as Heaven is my Lot, they're the Pests of the Nation! Wherever they can come With clankum and blankum 'Tis all Botheration, & Hell & Damnation,...Rate it:

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And the days are not full enough
Ezra Pound
And the days are not full enough And the nights are not full enough And life slips by like a field mouse Not shaking the grass Rate it:

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Full Oft Doth Matt. With Topaz Dine - In Chaucer's Style
Matthew Prior
Full oft doth Matt. with Topaz dine, Eateth baked meats, drinketh Greek wine: But Topas his own worke rehearseth, And Matt. mote praise what Topaz ...Rate it:

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In Red Foliage Full of Guitars
Georg Trakl
In Red Foliage Full of Guitars In red foliage full of guitars the girls’ yellow hair waves at the fence, where sunflowers persist. A golden chario...Rate it:

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Full Moon
Robert Graves
As I walked out one harvest night About the stroke of One, The Moon attained to her full height Stood beaming like the Sun. She exorcised the ghost...Rate it:

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at the full moon's
Masaoka Shiki
at the full moon's rising, the silver-plumed reeds tremble Rate it:

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Full Fathom Five
William Shakespeare
Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suff...Rate it:

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Full Of Life, Now
Walt Whitman
FULL of life, now, compact, visible, I, forty years old the Eighty-third Year of The States, To one a century hence, or any number of cen...Rate it:

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How Full of God
Charles Harpur
How full of God those evening skies, Arrayed in calmest loveliness; But ah! To think how many eyes Are wet with weeping none the less. Na...Rate it:

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Immortal love, forever full
John Greenleaf Whittier
Immortal love, forever full, Forever flowing free, Forever shared, forever whole, A never ebbing sea! Our outward lips confess the name All other ...Rate it:

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Modern Love XXXII: Full Faith I Have
George Meredith
Full faith I have she holds that rarest gift To beauty, Common Sense. To see her lie With her fair visage an inverted sky Bloom-covered, while t...Rate it:

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My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies
Lesbia Harford
My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies, To crimson with sunshine and swell with the dew. Warmed by your smile and besprent by your glanc...Rate it:

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O little year, cram full of duty
Lesbia Harford
O little year, cram full of duty, Rapture and sorrow, too, Show me the way from old paths of beauty Into the fields of dew. Strange lorn fields...Rate it:

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O’erweening Statesmen Have Full Long Relied
William Wordsworth
O'ERWEENING Statesmen have full long relied On fleets and armies, and external wealth: But from 'within' proceeds a Nation's health; Which shall no...Rate it:

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Sleeping Out: Full Moon
Rupert Brooke
They sleep within. . . . I cower to the earth, I waking, I only. High and cold thou dreamest, O queen, high-dreaming and lonely. We have slept to...Rate it:

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Sonnet 33: Full many a glorious morning have I seen
William Shakespeare
Full many a glorious morning have I seen Flatter the mountaintops with sovereign eye, Kissing with golden face the meadows green, Gilding pale stre...Rate it:

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