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A Poet's Home
Charles Harpur
hours Were quenching in the west, with freshened powers The field again in honorable toil Should heRate it:

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A Castaway
Augusta Davies Webster
in my best white well washed and starched and freshened with new bows, and take tea out to meet theRate it:

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A Meditation On Rhode-Island Coal
William Cullen Bryant
ancient groves away. I saw where fountains freshened the green land, And where the pleasant road, Rate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3.
William Cowper
living flowers Of my dear beauteous Eve Seem freshened every hour By soft devotion's dew, That she Rate it:

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By and By
Anonymous Americas
'by and by.' And when calmed and cheered and freshened By her soul-inspiring voice, Then look up, Rate it:

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Farewell To Florida
Wallace Stevens
coraline sea, Her home, not mine, in the ever-freshened Keys, Her days, her oceanic nights, calliRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
her feet, rosy as a shell, have grazed The freshened grass, a richer emerald glows: Into each floweRate it:

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He, when young Spring protrudes the bursting gems
James Thomson
Spring protrudes the bursting gems, Into his freshened soul; her genial hours He full enjoys; and nRate it:

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Mountain Pictures
John Greenleaf Whittier
vales below, the dry-lipped streams Sing to the freshened meadow-lands again. So, let me hope, the Rate it:

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My Napoleon
Victor Marie Hugo
brightness coming! The eye so weary's freshened with a tear As rises distant drumming And wailing cRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
Of every slanting silver line, To catch the freshened, fragrant breeze From drenched and drippinRate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. Interlude III.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
and sharp degrees The multiplied, wild harmonies Freshened and burst into a gale; A tempest howlingRate it:

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The Autumn Thistles
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
gleams the harsh turf where the crickets lie Dew-freshened in their burnished armour brave! Since Rate it:

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The Bridge: Cutty Sark
Harold Hart Crane
ran their eastings down; at Java Head freshened the nip (sweet opium and tea!) Rate it:

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The Cloud
Charles Harpur
rain extended o’er the land, A splendid bow the freshened landscape spanned Like a celestial arc,Rate it:

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The Hunter's Vision
William Cullen Bryant
air Had gathered into shapes so fair. Groves freshened as he looked, and flowers Showed bright on Rate it:

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The Lady Of La Garaye - Part II
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
summer rain, That showered light silver on the freshened plain, Hung on the tassels of the hazel Rate it:

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The Waterfall and The Eglantine
William Wordsworth
summer long, from day to day, My leaves you freshened and bedewed; Nor was it common gratitude TRate it:

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To The Rainbow
Thomas Campbell
lark thy welcome sings, When, glittering in the freshened fields, The snowy mushroom springs. How Rate it:

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Wordsworth's Grave
William Watson
uplands sweet with thyme, A virgin breeze freshened the jaded day. It wafted Collins' lonely vesperRate it:

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