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Let’s Be Fools To-Night
Henry Lawson
We, three men of commerce, Striving wealth to raise, See but little promise In the coming days; Though our hearts are brittle, Hardened near to sto...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXII: With Fools and Children
Michael Drayton
To Folly With fools and children, good discretion bears; Then, honest people, bear with Love and me, Nor older yet, nor wiser made by years, Am...Rate it:

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Of Coarse Fools
Sebastian Brant
Vile, scolding words do irritate, Good manners thereby will abate If sow-bell's rung from morn to late . A new St. Ruffian now holds sway, Men cel...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXIV: Rich Fools There Be
Sir Philip Sidney
Rich fools there be, whose base and filthy heart Lies hatching still the goods wherein they flow: And damning their own selves to Tantal's smart,...Rate it:

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All Fools' Day
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now is the day when arrant fools Play outworn tricks on sober men! But, for the thoughtful soul that schools His mind to conning o'er again Past fo...Rate it:

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O fools! can you not see
John Wilbye
O fools! can you not see a traffic nearer, In my sweet lady's face, where nature showeth Whatever treasure eye sees or heart knoweth, Rubies and di...Rate it:

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The Fools
Muriel Stuart
BELOW, the street was hoarse with cries, With groan of carts and scuffling feet, With laughter worse than blasphemies, Was choked with dust and ...Rate it:

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If The Clouds Showered Gold Instead Of Rain
Nikhil Parekh
If the clouds showered gold instead of rain; the minutest trace of poverty would be annihilated from earth, The indigent beggars on the street wou...Rate it:

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Herman Melville
We rovers bold, To the land of Gold, Over the bowling billows are gliding: Eager to toil, For the golden spoil, And every hardship biding. See! See...Rate it:

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Gold and Love for Dearie
Eugene Field
Out on the mountain over the town, All night long, all night long, The trolls go up and the trolls go down, Bearing their packs and singing a...Rate it:

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Thomas Hood
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Bright and yellow, hard and cold Molten, graven, hammered and rolled, Heavy to get and light to hold, Hoarded, bartered, bo...Rate it:

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The Buckskin Bag of Gold
Henry Clay Work
Last night I met him on the train-- A man with lovely eyes; And he gave me a searching glance Of sweet charm'd surprise! I knew 'twas he the lady m...Rate it:

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The Plate Of Gold
James Henry Leigh Hunt
One day there fell in great Benares' temple-court A wondrous plate of gold, whereon these words were writ; 'To him who loveth best, a gift from Hea...Rate it:

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The Value of Gold
John Boyle O'Reilly
There may be standard weight for precious metal, But deeper meaning it must ever hold; Thank God, there are some things no law can settle, And o...Rate it:

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A man saw a ball of gold in the sky;
Stephen Crane
A man saw a ball of gold in the sky; He climbed for it, And eventually he achieved it -- It was clay. Now this is the strange part: When the ...Rate it:

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Lilac And Gold And Green
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Lilac and gold and green! Those are the colours I love the best, Spring's own raiment untouched and clean, When the world is awake and yet hardly d...Rate it:

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Not Now, When Skies Are Gold And Blue
Edith Nesbit
And you have me and I have you, When there are roses all the way, And April days and nights of May, And life is joy the whole day long-- Not no...Rate it:

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An Invective Against Gold
Anne Killigrew
OF all the Poisons that the fruitful Earth E'er yet brought forth, or Monsters she gave Birth, Nought to Mankind has e'er so fatal been, As thou,...Rate it:

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What Do Poets Want With Gold?
Archibald Lampman
What do poets want with gold, Cringing slaves and cushioned ease; Are not crusts and garments old Better for their souls than these? Gold is but t...Rate it:

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Nothing Gold Can Stay
Robert Frost
Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf, So Eden sank to ...Rate it:

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Flames Of Gold
Mario William Vitale
Flames of Gold Just like the famed Kidd Capre I'm out here building up my sweet legacy Have you ever been down to the lowest pit & you re...Rate it:

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Gold in the Mountain
Herman Melville
Gold in the mountain, And gold in the glen, And greed in the heart, Heaven having no part, And unsatisfied men. Rate it:

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Gold Leaves
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Lo! I am come to autumn, When all the leaves are gold; Grey hairs and golden leaves cry out The year and I are old. In youth I sought th...Rate it:

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On The Death Of A Favourite Cat, Drowned In A Tub Of Gold Fishes
Thomas Gray
'Twas on a lofty vase's side, Where China's gayest art had dyed The azure flowers that blow, Demurest of the tabby kind, The pensive Selima, reclin...Rate it:

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The Morn That Breaks Its Heart Of Gold
Madison Julius Cawein
From an ode 'In Commemoration of the Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.' The morn that breaks its heart of gold Above the purple hills; The...Rate it:

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