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16. Of Gluttony and Feasting
Sebastian Brant
better far than wild carousing And naught but foolishness arousing, That ancient Seneca did flay IRate it:

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An Infinite Times Better
Nikhil Parekh
unsolicited feces of lecherously wastrel foolishness, Even the most restrictedly Spartan form of Rate it:

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An Interpretation
Ambrose Bierce
militant for ages past, Confess their equal foolishness at last, Reread their Shakspeare in the newRate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
blessed Cross, to thee! Seeing our vanity and foolishness, When, to our own devices left, we frame Rate it:

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Vachel Lindsay
Sitting at Prince Siddartha's feet to know The foolishness of gold and love and station, The gosRate it:

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Chanson d’Amour
Le Châtelain de Coucy
Noble heart, that is so wise, Don’t scorn all my foolishness. I know I’ve not the slightest right TRate it:

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Joyce Kilmer
In scorn on any humble trade? Have pity on our foolishness And give us eyes, that we may see BenRate it:

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Disillusioned - By an Ex-Enthusiast
William Schwenck Gilbert
bent, With muddy, maudlin sentiment, And tipsy foolishness! The novelist, whose painting pen To leRate it:

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Fears And Scruples
Robert Browning
absent,--why, I cannot think. Never mind! Tho' foolishness may flout me. One thing's sure enough; Rate it:

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How Dare Did You Ever Think?
Nikhil Parekh
she was nothing else but a ditch of rebuking foolishness and perverted blasphemy? She was infact Rate it:

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I Was Wrong
Ehsan Sehgal
pleasure To find happy treasure It was just my foolishness With that thought Now I am not wrong AndRate it:

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Irish Peasant Song
Louise Imogen Guiney
hear the blackbird in Leighlin hedges call, The foolishness is on me, and the wild tears fall! Rate it:

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John Gorham
Edwin Arlington Robinson
see me as I am, John Gorham, Leaving out the foolishness and all I never meant? Somewhere in me tRate it:

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M'Sieu Smit
William Henry Drummond
mos' ev'ry day, But I t'ink for mese'f it mak foolishness An' don't do no good w'en your bonne santRate it:

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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
and their forbearance from the defilement of foolishness; and brings near to them whatever was faRate it:

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Questions Of Life
John Greenleaf Whittier
of dream and guess! Oh, wisdom which is foolishness! Why idly seek from outward things The answer iRate it:

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George Herbert
my most foul transgression: I do confess My foolishness; My God, accept of my confession. SweetRate it:

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The Arabian Shawl
Katherine Mansfield
you remember?"... "I quite forget, Some childish foolishness, that is all, To-night is the first tiRate it:

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The Female of the Species
Rudyard Kipling
conclusion in unmitigated act. Fear, or foolishness, impels him, ere he lay the wicked low, To coRate it:

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The Press
Rudyard Kipling
thou given a peacock goodly wings, To please his foolishness? Sit down at the heart of men and thinRate it:

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The Visionary
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
That chased such dream away. Now, out upon this foolishness, Thy heart it is not mine ; Rate it:

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The Voyage
Charles Baudelaire
sin. Woman, vile slave, full of pride and foolishness, adoring herself without laughing, loving witRate it:

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Tiare Tahiti
Rupert Brooke
in the water's soft caress, Wash the mind of foolishness, Mamua, until the day. Spend the glitterinRate it:

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To an Absent Lover
Helen Hunt Jackson
Teach me to be more wise. I blush for all my foolishness doth lack; I fear to seem a coward in tRate it:

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To The Christian Reader
Michael Wigglesworth
Christ, The more his fame to spread. If this my foolishness Help thee to be more wise, I have attaiRate it:

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