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The Grateful Snake
William Hayley
his arm, She begged her husband to convey The fondling serpent far away, For fear of casual harm. Rate it:

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The Riding of the Rebel
William Henry Ogilvie
to the soothing voice and the touch of the fondling hand, As it followed the curve of his arching nRate it:

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A Lover's Call XXVII
Khalil Gibran
my heart's every beat and affection. Are you fondling my face in your memory? That image Is no lRate it:

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A Piccaninny
James Brunton Stephens
thirty she is not of any gender. Oh, dusky fondling, let the warning teach thee! Through muddiest Rate it:

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Alfred Austin
her pure unquestioning soul To touch and fondling kiss. And still she haunts those woodlanRate it:

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Aids Doesn't Kill. Your Attitude Kills.
Nikhil Parekh
cursed entity alive, Uninhibitedly fondling their silken hair; wont in anyway jinx you with even Rate it:

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An Imitation Of Some French Verses
Thomas Parnell
Time I have to roll In sad Reflection flies; Ye fondling Passions of my Soul! Ye sweet Deceits! ariRate it:

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Beside The Sea
Isabella Valancy Crawford
beside a sea That laid a mane of mimic stars In fondling quiet on the knee Of one tall, pearlèd cliRate it:

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Cotter's Saturday Night, The
Robert Burns
pity, no relenting truth, Points to the parents fondling o'er their child, Then paints the ruin'd mRate it:

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Henry And Emma. A Poem.
Matthew Prior
Nut-brown Maid: The friends and tenants took the fondling word, (As still they please who imitate tRate it:

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I Did Know For Sure
Nikhil Parekh
know as to why did I feel like seductively fondling only your ravishingly tantalizing hair; uncouthRate it:

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In The Forum
Alfred Austin
hillside's tangled scrubs, With doting gaze and fondling tongue Suckles the Vestal's twin-born cubsRate it:

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Irish Peasant Song
Louise Imogen Guiney
awake, and moan to me in dreams, And yonder ivy fondling the broke castle-wall, It pulls upon my Rate it:

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It Was nice
Nikhil Parekh
It was nice fondling silken curls of your mesmerizing hair, it was nice drenching your persona in icy cool pints of jungle water, it was nice tic...Rate it:

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Krishna In The Cradle
Sant Surdas
Hari to sleep, Shaking the cradle, cuddling and fondling, Singing to Him a song. My darling is sleeRate it:

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Le Roi S’Amuse
Clive Staples Lewis
on earth she flung, There was favouring and fondling and bravery and building and chuckling musicRate it:

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Love Me - Poetry 2
Nikhil Parekh
your impregnable grace by its side, Caress me; fondling the voluptuous strands of my hair with yoRate it:

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Master Of Three Arts
Ambrose Bierce
hardy writers have not to endure The hangman's fondling. It is said they're mad: Though lately Mr. Rate it:

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My Darling Unfettered Umbrella
Nikhil Parekh
grip on stony ground and compassionately fondling the palms with its bountifully semi-circular end,Rate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
a Passion Play; And such a lover never comes To fondling dirty drabs for pay. But God had another mRate it:

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On An Old Deluded Suitor
George Moses Horton
flattering smiles adored. My heart was then by fondling love betray'd, A thousand pleasures bloomRate it:

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Poor Kid
Robert William Service
give me anguish deep to know A fondling babe was I; And that a maid in wedless woe Rate it:

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Satire I
John Donne
Away thou fondling motley humorist, Leave mee, and in this standing woodden chest, Consorted with these few bookes, let me lye In prison, and he...Rate it:

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Alfred Austin
Man, again illusioned, presses on, Fondling the fancy he will shortly pierce Unto the generating soRate it:

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Song Of The Chattahoochee
Sidney Lanier
laving laurel turned my tide, The ferns and the fondling grass said `Stay,' The dewberry dipped forRate it:

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