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The Stream Is Flowing From The West
Henry Timrod
The stream is flowing from the west; As if it poured from yonder skies, It wears upon its rippling breast The sunset's golden dyes; And bearing onw...Rate it:

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One by One the Sands are Flowing
Adelaide Anne Procter
One by one the sands are flowing, One by one the moments fall: Some are coming, some are going; Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy du...Rate it:

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Truth Flowing Free
Kurt Philip Behm
this instant, its moment sublime All truth flowing freely —unfrozen in time (Villanova PennsylvanRate it:

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Flowing Through
Kurt Philip Behm
Does your writing leave room for intrusion With spaces for listeners to crawl in Are your words like a sponge that the reader can drain Y...Rate it:

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Song of the Artesian Water
Andrew Barton Paterson
down -- Oh, it comes from deeper down; It is flowing, ever flowing, in a free, unstinted measure Rate it:

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Seventh Street
Jean Toomer
for crude-boned soft-skinned life, who set you flowing? Blood suckers of the War would spin in a frRate it:

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Faces In The Street
Henry Lawson
river flow the faces in the street -- Flowing in, flowing in, To the beat of hurried feetRate it:

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An Elegy on a Lap-dog
John Gay
wavings of his pendent ear. 9 Yet cease thy flowing grief, forsaken maid; 10 All mortal pleasRate it:

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Isabella Valancy Crawford
and mill-wheel, 'leave thy bed; Hark to me a-flowing!' Bouche-Mignonne awoke, and quick Glossy treRate it:

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George Meredith
from the fervid hand! Dark the tide of hair back-flowing From the blue-veined temples bland! LovelRate it:

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James Thomson
one morning In a pleasant land, By a river flowing Over golden sand:-- Whence flow ye, waters, O'eRate it:

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Hope On
Charles Harpur
way we re going Streams of comfort yet are flowing— Hark! I hear them murmuring.” Fame’s a liRate it:

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In the Greenest of our Valleys
Edgar Allan Poe
fair palace door, Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing And sparklRate it:

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Shadows on the Down
Alfred Noyes
a shadow! No shadow of a cloud you saw that day Flowing across the smooth deep-breasted downs, But Rate it:

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The Haunted Palace
Edgar Allan Poe
the fair palace door, Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing, And sparkling eRate it:

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As Consequent, Etc.
Walt Whitman
summer rains, Or wayward rivulets in autumn flowing, Or many a herb-lined brook's reticulatioRate it:

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Lethean Love
D-Bone Franklin
of her fountain Sculpted marble, the sound of flowing– Perpetual grace of frozen motion When I awokRate it:

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A Proadway Pageant
Walt Whitman
passion, Sultry with perfume, with ample and flowing garments, 30 With sunburnt visage, with Rate it:

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Air Of Diabelli's
Robert Louis Stevenson
dose and dream and wake - Dream they hear the flowing, singing river, See the berries in the islandRate it:

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At a Pantomime. By a Bilious One
William Schwenck Gilbert
pantomime, HARLEQUIN LIFE AND DEATH. A hoary flowing wig his weird Unearthly cranium caps, He hangRate it:

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At Delphi
Alfred Austin
art thou, intruder weird! With the fine and flowing beard? Whom no snowy robes encumber, But a habiRate it:

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For I Must Sing of All I Feel and Know
James Thomson
of mountains, deserts, seas, Of rivers ever flowing, ever flowing; Of beasts and birds, of grass Rate it:

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Hymns From The French Of Lamartine
John Greenleaf Whittier
them the light divine From God's own holy altar flowing? To be, indeed, whate'er the soul In dreamsRate it:

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Just Suppose
Mario William Vitale
suppose you had cocaine up your nose beers are flowing and all ya peeps flowing got the pop rocks iRate it:

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Life From The Lifeless
Robinson Jeffers
look how noble the world is, The lonely-flowing waters, the secret- Keeping stones, the flowing skyRate it:

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