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There is an hour, a pensive hour
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
THERE is an hour, a pensive hour; (And oh! how dear its soothing pow'r!) It is, when twilight spreads her veil, And steals along the silent dale; '...Rate it:

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Flowers, Dear Flowers, Farewell!
Louisa May Alcott
'We are sending you, dear flowers, Forth alone to die, Where your gentle sisters may not weep O'er the cold graves where you lie; But you go to bri...Rate it:

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An Hour With Thee
Sir Walter Scott
An hour with thee! When earliest day Dapples with gold the eastern gray, Oh, what can frame my mind to bear The toil and turmoil, cark and care,...Rate it:

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At Midnight Hour
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
AT midnight hour I went, not willingly, A little, little boy, yon churchyard past, To Father Vicar's house; the stars on high On all around their...Rate it:

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An Hour's Respite
Christopher John Brennan
An hour's respite; once more the heart may dream: the thunderwheels of passion thro' the eve, distantly musical, vaporously agleam, about my old...Rate it:

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My Hour
Robert William Service
Day after day behold me plying My pen within an office drear; The dullest dog, till homeward hieing, Then lo! I reign a king of cheer. A throne hav...Rate it:

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The Vesper Hour
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Soft and holy Vesper Hour— Precursor of the night— How I love thy soothing power, The hush, the fading light; Raising those vain thoughts of ours T...Rate it:

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One Hour To Madness And Joy
Walt Whitman
ONE hour to madness and joy! O furious! O confine me not! (What is this that frees me so in storms? What do my shouts amid lightnings ...Rate it:

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The Happiest Day, the Happiest Hour
Edgar Allan Poe
The happiest day- the happiest hour My sear'd and blighted heart hath known, The highest hope of pride and power, I feel hath...Rate it:

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The Hour Before Dawn
William Butler Yeats
A CURSING rogue with a merry face, A bundle of rags upon a crutch, Stumbled upon that windy place Called Cruachan, and it was as much As the one st...Rate it:

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Ne'er Ask the Hour
Thomas Moore
Ne'er ask the hour -- what is it to us How Time deals out his treasures? The golden moments lent us thus Are not his coin, but Pleasure's. If c...Rate it:

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The Dark Hour
William Henry Davies
And now, when merry winds do blow, And rain makes trees look fresh, An overpowering staleness holds This mortal flesh. Though well I love to fe...Rate it:

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In That Dark Silent Hour
John Freeman
In that dark silent hour When the wind wants power, And in the black height The sky wants light, Stirless and black In utter lack, And not a sound ...Rate it:

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At That Hour
James Joyce
At that hour when all things have repose, O lonely watcher of the skies, Do you hear the night wind and the sighs Of harps playing unto Love to ...Rate it:

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By The Fireside : Sand Of The Desert In An Hour-Glass
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A handful of red sand, from the hot clime Of Arab deserts brought, Within this glass becomes the spy of Time, The minister of Thought. How many w...Rate it:

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From Anacreon: 'Twas Now The Hour When Night Had Driven
George Gordon Lord Byron
'Twas now the hour when Night had driven Her car half round yon sable heaven; Boötes, only, seem'd to roll His arctic charge around the pole; While...Rate it:

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From This Hour the Pledge is Given
Thomas Moore
From this hour the pledge is given, From this hour my soul is thine: Come what will, from earth of heaven, Weal or woe, thy fate be mine. When ...Rate it:

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Hour of Grief
Georg Trakl
Blackish the step follows the gleaming moon In the autumnal garden, The immense night sinks by the freezing wall. O, the thorny hour of grief. ...Rate it:

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In the Hour of Trial
James Montgomery
In the hour of trial, Jesus, plead for me, Lest by base denial I depart from Thee. When Thou seest me waver, with a look recall, Nor for fear or f...Rate it:

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It Is the Hour
George Gordon Lord Byron
It is the hour when from the boughs The nightingale's high note is heard; It is the hour -- when lover's vows Seem sweet in every whisper'd word; A...Rate it:

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Love Well The Hour
Edith Nesbit
HEART of my heart, my life and light, If you were lost what should I do? I dare not let you from my sight, Lest Death should fall in love with y...Rate it:

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The Hour
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
This is the world's stupendous hour- The supreme moment for the race To see the emptiness of power, The worthlessness of wealth and place, To see t...Rate it:

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The Hour of the Angel
Rudyard Kipling
Sooner or late--in earnest or in jest-- (But the stakes are no jest) Ithuriel's Hour Will spring on us, for the first time, the test Of our sole un...Rate it:

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The Hour When We Shall Meet Again
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Dim hour! that sleep'st on pillowing clouds afar, O rise and yoke the turtles to thy car! Bend o'er the traces, blame each ligering dove! And give ...Rate it:

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The Saddest Hour
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The saddest hour of anguish and of loss Is not that season of supreme despair When we can find no least light anywhere To gild the dread, black sha...Rate it:

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