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The Flitting
John Clare
I've left my own old home of homes, Green fields and every pleasant place; The summer like a stranger comes, I pause and hardly know her face. I mi...Rate it:

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Faces In The Street
Henry Lawson
the shadows of those faces in the street, Flitting by, flitting by, Flitting by with noisRate it:

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Edward George Dyson
If lucky you don't know it through. The flitting bullets flow and flock; They twitter as they pRate it:

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Hiawatha's Childhood
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
water. Saw the fire-fly, Wah-wah-taysee, Flitting through the dusk of evening, With the twinkRate it:

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
That ruin wild and hoary. She listened with a flitting blush, With downcast eyes and modest gracRate it:

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The Old Wife and the New
Victor James Daley
face And brown arms ambered by the sun, Went flitting all about the place— Master and mistresRate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
and chill, Daylight is on the hill, Night is the flitting breath, Day rides the hills of death. Rate it:

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II. The Quest Of Silence
Christopher John Brennan
which growing on, the myriad small noise and flitting of the wood-life's busy joys, thro' tenuouRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
me in the distant past; Where, like shadows flitting fast, Fact and fancy, thought and theme, WordRate it:

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The Battle-Field
William Cullen Bryant
calm, and fresh, and still, Alone the chirp of flitting bird, And talk of children on the hill, AndRate it:

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the shadow that guides me
beau ashley
i walk upon life's shore.. i catch a glimps of a flitting shadow, it stays ahead in the oceans roaRate it:

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Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Stephen C. Foster
have vanished and her sweet songs flown, 20 Flitting like the dreams that have cheered us and gonRate it:

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A Night In June
Alfred Austin
o'er the moonlit sky Fleecy cloudlets flitting. Close our hands were linkèd then; When will they beRate it:

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A Wren's Nest
William Wordsworth
lanes they build, Where, till the flitting bird's return, Her eggs within the nest repose, Rate it:

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Victoria Sackville-West
in the cocoon, Watch, if the days be warm, The flitting of the swarm. Follow, for if beyond your siRate it:

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A Bush Study, A La Watteau
Arthur Patchett Martin
just there, above that lowly cottage, Birds are flitting in the sunlight clear and pure; And the thRate it:

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A Dialogue At Fiesole
Alfred Austin
in every scented shower, Something in flitting voice and wing, Would drench my heart and bid me sinRate it:

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A Golden Hour
William Watson
Spring, we said, O'er Winter's world comes flitting. Or was it Spring herself, that, gone astray, Rate it:

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A Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
Edmund Spenser
sea engirt with brazen bands; Then th' air still flitting, but yet firmly bounded On every side, wiRate it:

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A Prisoner in a Dungeon Deep
Anne Brontë
madness to despair. Such wildering scenes, such flitting shapes As feverish dreams dRate it:

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A Voyager's Dream Of Land
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
sighing of reeds as the day declines, The wings flitting home thro' the crimson glow That steeps thRate it:

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Aeolian Harp, The
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
a thought uncall'd and undetain'd, And many idle flitting phantasies, Traverse my indolent and passRate it:

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After A Journey
Thomas Hardy
I now frailly follow! Ignorant of what there is flitting here to see, The waked birds preen and thRate it:

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An Empty Nest
James Whitcomb Riley
treasures they had hidden there. But Fancy, flitting through the gleams Of youth's sunshiny atmospRate it:

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An Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
Edmund Spenser
engirt with brazen bands; Then th' air still flitting, but yet firmly bounded On every side, wiRate it:

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