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Ode to Health
Mary Darby Robinson
HELVETIA's shade, Blushing summer round her flings Warm gales and sunny show'rs that hang upon herRate it:

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Paraphrases from Scripture
Helen Maria Williams
clings, 'When round her neck his eager arms he flings; 'Breathes to her list'ning soul his melting Rate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto IX.
Coventry Patmore
his condoled necessities She casts her best, she flings herself. How often flings for nought, and yRate it:

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The Flood of Years
William Cullen Bryant
billow, till its tossing crest Strikes them and flings them under, while their tasks Are yet unfinRate it:

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A Song of Rain
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
dippy With sheer joy, while Ballarat Shouts and flings aloft its hat. Thirsty Thackaringa yells; TaRate it:

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Edgar Allan Poe
with calmer wings Its down upon my spirit flings- That little time with lyre and rhyme Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
blazing; Still the grape-vine through the dusk flings her soul-compelling musk; Still the fire-flieRate it:

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The Spanish Dancer
Rainer Maria Rilke
were too tight around her body, she takes and flings it out haughtily, with an imperious gesture, aRate it:

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A Poet's Home
Charles Harpur
gentle face! So widely Love’s invisible spirit flings The visible enrichment of its grace O’er all Rate it:

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A Hymn
James Thomson
fair profusion that o'erspreads the spring; Flings from the sun direct the flaming day; Feeds everyRate it:

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Indian Woman's Death-Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
not o'er his path, my whisper to his dream, He flings away the broken reed roll swifter yet, thou sRate it:

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A Description of a City Shower
Jonathan Swift
Wings, A Sable Cloud a-thwart the Welkin flings, That swill'd more Liquor than it could contain, Rate it:

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A Fairy Tale
Amy Lowell
awhile Then dash to pieces, as a careless boy Flings a kaleidoscope, which shattering Strews allRate it:

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A Northern Legend
William Cullen Bryant
on her hand; Upon the hook she binds it, And flings it from the land. Uprises from the water A hanRate it:

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A Requiem
Herman Melville
of shining tiny things Frolic on every wave that flings Against the prow its showery spray; All creRate it:

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A Song For Soldiers
John Boyle O'Reilly
of the deadlier inner preparing When the soul flings danger aside and the human heart its mercy. ORate it:

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Above Lavender Bay
Henry Lawson
yet dusky blue, And crossed by fleecy bars, Flings out the brilliant city lights, The moonlight andRate it:

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Thomas Hardy
she-- And at junketings, maypoles, and flings; But she bode wi' a thirtover uncle, and Rate it:

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Alfonso, Dressing to Wait at Table
Claude McKay
glasses And riotous rakes; magnificently flings Gay kisses to imaginary lasses. Alfonso's voiceRate it:

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Edmund Blunden
withering on the blast; They feed the fire that flings a freakish light On pictured kings and queenRate it:

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Among The Orchards
Archibald Lampman
the leaves. From dark acacia tops The nuthatch flings his short reiterate cry; And ever as the sun Rate it:

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An Ode on the Piece
Helen Maria Williams
his sable shrine, A radiant zone she graceful flings, Where full emblaz'd his virtues shine; The moRate it:

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Antwerp To Ghent
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
us. Now Our engine's heat is fiercer, and flings up Great glares alongside. Wind and steam and spRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
mandoline; The Pavilion of the Queen Widely flings Vacant windows to the night; Moonbeams kiss the Rate it:

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At Dover
William Lisle Bowles
wings, Shakes the high forest, or remorseless flings The shivered surge; when rising griefs deform Rate it:

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