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March Flies
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now comes the time when we douse flies With various kinds of sprays The sand flies, and the house flies, And the flies with furtive ways. But I ke...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
regulate and civilize Our daily life - we owe to flies. Apropos, I'll tell you of Choo, the spouseRate it:

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The Flies. An Eclogue.
Thomas Parnell
to shun the Noon-day Heat, An airy Nation of the Flies retreat; Some in soft Air their silken PinioRate it:

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Sleep Flies Me
Robert Fuller Murray
Sleep flies me like a lover Too eagerly pursued, Or like a bird to cover Within some distant wood, Where thickest boughs roof over Her secret solit...Rate it:

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House Or Window Flies
John Clare
These little window dwellers, in cottages and halls, were always entertaining to me; after dancing in the window all day from sunrise to sunset the...Rate it:

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The Bees and Flies
Rudyard Kipling
A Farmer of the Augustan Age Perused in Virgil's golden page The story of the secret won From Proteus by Cyrene's son-- How the dank sea-god showed...Rate it:

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The Flies
Matthew Prior
Say, sire of insects, mighty Sol, (A fly upon the chariot-pole Cries out) What blue-bottle alive Did ever with such fury drive? Tell Beelzebub, gre...Rate it:

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The Swan flies away
The Swan Will Fly Away All Alone, Spectacle of the World Will Be a Mere Fair As the Leaf Falls from the Tree Is Difficult to Find Who Knows Where i...Rate it:

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Why Has Truth Disappeared O! Lord
Nikhil Parekh
been trampled more indiscriminately than the flies? More poignant than the crimson streams of blRate it:

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Rural Sports: A Georgic - Canto II.
John Gay
subtle hare darts swift beneath his paws; She flies, he stretches, now with nimble bound. Eager he Rate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3.
William Cowper
living stream, that with a winding course Flies rapidly away; And as it flies, allures And tempts yRate it:

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An Epistle to a Lady
Mary Leapor
I know. Hope shines a while, but like a Vapour flies, (The Fate of all the Curious and the Wise) FRate it:

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Birds In Alarm
John Clare
the boys when nests are nigh And tweets and flies from every passer-bye. The yellowhammer never makRate it:

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Homer's Battle Of The Frogs And Mice. Book III
Thomas Parnell
Aim; Thro' all the Frog the shining Jav'lin flies, And near the vanquish'd Mouse the Victor dies; TRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 03 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
XXXI The villain flies, he, full of rage and ire, Pursues, she stood and wondered on them both, But yet to follow them showed no desire, To stray s...Rate it:

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Mary's Tryst
Isabella Valancy Crawford
me pass, Dark falls the night on hill and lea; Flies, flies the bright day swift and fast, From lorRate it:

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Ode on Adversity
Mary Darby Robinson
stranger's tread, To a dark nook, ashamed she flies, And with her scanty robe, o'er-shades her weRate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 8
Ludovico Ariosto
ARGUMENT Rogero flies; Astolpho with the rest, To their true shape Melissa does restore; Rinaldo levies knights and squadrons, pressed In aid of Ch...Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
again. There is no one to play with and the flies on the window buzz and buzz… …you can pull out tRate it:

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The Alley
Lola Ridge
again. There is no one to play with and the flies on the window buzz and buzz… …you can pull ouRate it:

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The Beau to the Virtuosos
William Shenstone
wights, to whom so fair The form of mortal flies is! Who deem those grubs beyond compare, Which Rate it:

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The Headless Trooper
James Brunton Stephens
the clotted marge there spun A living globe of flies! When one is dealing with the truth One can'Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
the bridal bed. 2 It is an active flame, that flies First to the babies of the eyes, And charms tRate it:

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The Old Bark Hut
Andrew Barton Paterson
safe as well, but you must keep it shut, Or the flies would make it canter round the old hark hut. Rate it:

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The Prophecy Of St. Oran: Part IV
Mathilde Blind
solitary moon Flits like a frightened maid who flies in haste, And wild with terror seems to reel aRate it:

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