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A Mother's Prayer.
Mary Gardiner Horsford
all the foes that lurk without, From feebleness within, What Sovereign guard from Heaven,&qRate it:

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A Study (A Soul)
Christina Georgina Rossetti
nerved with inner might, Indomitable in her feebleness, Her face and will athirst against the ligRate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
I bow. If fate must indeed overtake thee, And feebleness come to thy clay, Pause not till thy strenRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
learn, Keep eyes upon the ground; And drug our feebleness with sweets When needing tonic of strong Rate it:

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Henry David Thoreau
and ports do only serve alway For a pretence to feebleness and sin. Say not that Cćsar was victorRate it:

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The Elements
John Henry Newman
to him. That so he may discern His feebleness, And e’en for earth’s success To Him in Rate it:

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The Woman
Harriet Monroe
us, hold us down Through the long moons of feebleness and pain. Little souls adrift, gathering outRate it:

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To Daisies
Francis Thompson
know your power for wrong, And much abuse your feebleness. Daisies, that little children pull, As yRate it:

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To Mary
William Cowper
pressed, press gently mine, My Mary! Such feebleness of limbs thou prov'st That now at every step Rate it:

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We Two Boys Together Clinging
Walt Whitman
wrenching, ease scorning, statutes mocking, feebleness chasing, Fulfilling our foray. Rate it:

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When You Wake In Your Crib
William Ernest Henley
and striving To reach from your feebleness Something you feel Will be good to and cherish you, SomeRate it:

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