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Time is a Fading-flowre, that's found
George Wither
many trouble, and offend. TIME'S nature, by the Fading-flowre, appeares; Which, is a Type, of TransRate it:

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A Song: When June is Past, the Fading Rose
Thomas Carew
where Jove bestows, When June is past, the fading rose; For in your beauty's orient deep Rate it:

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Fairer through Fading—as the Day
Emily Dickinson
Fairer through Fading—as the Day Into the Darkness dips away— Half Her Complexion of the Sun— Hindering—Haunting—Perishing— Rall ies Her Glow, lik...Rate it:

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If this is "fading"
Emily Dickinson
If this is "fading" Oh let me immediately "fade"! If this is "dying" Bury me, in such a shroud of red! If this is "sleep," On such a night How prou...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
All in the beautiful Autumn weather One thought lingers with me and stays; Death and winter are coming together, Though both are veiled by the ...Rate it:

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Fading To Nothingness
Kurt Philip Behm
Logic and Mysticism Connect When knowledge Becomes The absence of Self A man in the End Says one Final Goodbye As birth and Death Fade ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
She sits beside the window. All who pass Turn once again to gaze on her sweet face. She is so fair; but soon, too soon, alas, To lie down in he...Rate it:

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Can I have this dance?
bread and wine I close my eyes I gasp! I’m still fading You put your nail pierced hands in mine… ARate it:

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Victor James Daley
and sonnets carven in fine gold. The day is fading and the dusk is cold; Out of the skies has goneRate it:

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Interlude: The Casement
Christopher John Brennan
is wide and lo! beyond its bars dim fields of fading stars and cavern tracts, whence the great stRate it:

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John Clare
find her haunts again. Mere withered stalks and fading trees, And pastures spread with hills and rRate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
hands. Her beauty heightens, fairest in its fading, As pensively she stands Awaiting Easter's bRate it:

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Elegy XXV. To Delia, With Some Flowers
William Shenstone
whose sad fate a thousand shepherds grieve, And fading fields allow the grief sincere. To call losRate it:

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Four Riddles
Lewis Carroll
comes a welcome summons - hope revives, And fading eyes grow bright, and pulses quicken: Incessant Rate it:

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Four springtimes lost: and in the fifth we stand
Christopher John Brennan
so in my perverse and most loitering dream (O fading, fading days!) each season claims the homagRate it:

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I'm Growing Old
Anonymous Americas
pace; I mark not when the wrinkles fall Upon my fading face. I know I’m old; and yet my heart Is jRate it:

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Italian Scenery
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
dusky sky, While eve's sweet star on the fast-fading year Smiles calmly. Music steals at intervals Rate it:

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She Sung of Love
Thomas Moore
gaze again I turn'd, The minstrel's form seem'd fading too. As if her light and heaven's were oneRate it:

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Song. Sorrow
Percy Bysshe Shelley
beyond the present hour, I danced in pleasure’s fading ray, Fading alas! as drooping flower. Nor dRate it:

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Sunrise To sunset
Nikhil Parekh
I was in profound admiration of its ravishingly fading persona; as inexplicably enigmatic shadows Rate it:

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The Autumn-Spirit.
William Billington
of the Spring Form a carpet for his feet, a fading, weird, and worn-out thing! And his wings distilRate it:

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The Fighting Téméraire
Sir Henry Newbolt
shiver, Téméraire! Téméraire! And she's fading down the river, Téméraire! Téméraire! Now the suRate it:

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With Antecedents
Walt Whitman
we have come to this new continent; With the fading kingdoms and kings over there; Rate it:

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A Dream
Mathilde Blind
a waking, alone, in the moon's last gleam Fading from sight; Only a flooding of tears that shuddeRate it:

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A Ghost And A Dream
Madison Julius Cawein
Rain will fall on the fading flowers, Winds will blow through the dripping tree, When Fall leads in her tattered Hours With Death to keep them comp...Rate it:

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