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A Rose Will Fade
Dora Sigerson Shorter
what did it trouble you? A rose will fade in a day. Why did you smile to his face, red Rose, As heRate it:

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I Have Loved Flowers That Fade
Robert Seymour Bridges
I have loved flowers that fade, Within whose magic tents Rich hues have marriage made With sweet unmemoried scents: A honeymoon delight- A joy of l...Rate it:

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The Fairest, Brightest, Hues Of Ether Fade
William Wordsworth
The fairest, brightest, hues of ether fade; The sweetest notes must terminate and die; O Friend! thy flute has breathed a harmony Softly resounded ...Rate it:

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Where Forlorn Sunsets Flare And Fade
William Ernest Henley
Where forlorn sunsets flare and fade On desolate sea and lonely sand, Out of the silence and the shade What is the voice of strange command Calling...Rate it:

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Aliyu Ammani junior
you such Your sempiternal beauty shall never fade Even after death drag us away And we shall meetRate it:

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The Book of Thel
William Blake
in paleness sought the secret air, 1.3 To fade away like morning beauty from her mortal day: 1.Rate it:

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Clare's Dragoons
Thomas Davis
la, the Old one, too! Viva la, the rose shall fade, And the shamrock shine for ever new! AnotherRate it:

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Clare's Dragoons
Thomas Osborne Davis
la_, the Old one, too! _Viva la_, the rose shall fade, And the shamrock shine for ever new! III. Rate it:

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William Schwenck Gilbert
- Though the tempest lower, Rain and cloud will fade! Take, O maid, these posies: Though thy beautyRate it:

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Three Marching Songs
William Butler Yeats
amends old wrong, All that is finished, let it fade. Remember all those renowned generations, RememRate it:

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Duji Vari Pyar
Sunanda Sharma
vekhaan dil kare naa Hatth mera hor koi hatth fade naa Kise hor wal vekha dil kare naa Hatth mera hRate it:

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Lake Leman
Harold Monro
thee. I love thee. When the youthful visions fade, Fade thou not also in the hopeless past. Be cRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
rain Drops the leaves and makes the colors fade And talks cheap, But for the words of time they'll Rate it:

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The Evening Light
Alfred Austin
the Night. Then Noonday Glare and Morning Glow Fade into shadowy Long-ago. One feels Earth's vain aRate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
pure complexions, that shall quickly fade And pass away, like to a summer's shade; Or that it is buRate it:

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An Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
Of pure complexions, that shall quickly fade And pass away, like to a summer's shade; Or that Rate it:

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Any Wife To Any Husband
Robert Browning
Thy soul is in thy face. III. Oh, I should fade---'tis willed so! Might I save, Gladly I would, Rate it:

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Apology To Delia: For Desiring A Lock Of Her Hair
William Cowper
of his prey. Yes! when its sister locks shall fade, As quickly fade they must, When all their beauRate it:

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As Bronze May Be Much Beautified
Wilfred Owen
lying in the dark damp soil, So men who fade in dust of warfare fade Fairer, and sorrow blooms theiRate it:

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Cadenabbia. Lake Of Como. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
perfect beauty anywhere? Sweet vision! Do not fade away; Linger, until my heart shall take Into iRate it:

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John Clare
so man's boasted strength and power Shall fade before death's lightest stroke, Laid lower than the Rate it:

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Greek Funeral Chant Or Myriologue
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
what scene, what hour, what tone? The blue skies fade with all their lights, they fade, since thou Rate it:

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Hooray for May (Sontoum)
Leslie Alexis
bloom again July is sad - abundant, then, they fade: The poison Ivy or bee’s precious pain Will soRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 02 - part 06
Torquato Tasso
estate, Till Macon's sacred doctrine fall and fade, Till woeful Asia all lie desolate. Sweet words Rate it:

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Let Them Go
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
gone by! Let the hope set! Let the joy fade. Are there not other joys, Like frost-bound bulbs, thaRate it:

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