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Paradise Lost: Book 09
John Milton
mastery to dissect With long and tedious havock fabled knights In battles feign'd; the better forRate it:

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A Cup Of Tea
James Whitcomb Riley
potions-- Of Medea's filtered spells-- Or of fabled isles and oceans Where the Lotos-eater dwells! Rate it:

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A Requiem
Herman Melville
now the dolphins play; Save them that by the fabled shore, Down the pale stream are washed away, FaRate it:

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A Shore Twilight
Lucy Maud Montgomery
mutely wooed, Which, being won, will teach us fabled lore, The old, old, gramarye of the sibyl shRate it:

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Al Aaraaf
Edgar Allan Poe
All other loveliness:- its honied dew (The fabled nectar that the heathen knew) DelirioRate it:

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An Invocation
Walter Savage Landor
place Of glories and of duties; as the feet Of fabled faeries when the sun goes down Trip o’er theRate it:

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George Meredith
dispute with thee Supremacy of air and sky! What fabled height with thee compare! Not those vine-teRate it:

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Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, Canto X, 91-99
Alan Seeger
Erin's emerald shores. There round Hibernia's fabled realm he coasted, Where the old saint had lRate it:

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At School-Close
John Greenleaf Whittier
sense, the strange delight That swelled the fabled statue's breast And filled its clouded eyes withRate it:

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Avec ses vêtements ondoyants et nacrés (With Waving Opalescense In Her Gown)
Charles Baudelaire
soul which links the inviolate angel and the fabled sphynx, where all is gold, steel, diamonds andRate it:

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Ballade Of The Voyage To Cythera
Andrew Lang
on that coast is seen! So be it, but we seek a fabled shore, To lull our vague desires with mystic Rate it:

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Ballades II - Of The Book-Hunter
Andrew Lang
pry, Whose motto evermore is Spes! But ah! the fabled treasure flees; Grown rarer with the fleetiRate it:

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Basil Moss
Henry Kendall
them bravely back; but like the heads Of Lerna’s fabled hydra, they returned From day to day in numRate it:

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Battle of Red Cliff
Su Tung-po
of the ramparts -- People say -- Are the fabled Red Cliffs of young Chou of the Three Kingdoms RebRate it:

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Beloved Name
Victor Marie Hugo
the morning's sigh, Which erst inspired the fabled Memnon's frame,-- The melodies that, hummed, so Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
corn, The locust in the haying; And, like the fabled hunter's horn, Old tunes my heart is playing. Rate it:

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto I.
George Gordon Lord Byron
Hellas deemed of heavenly birth, Muse, formed or fabled at the minstrel's will! Since shamed full oRate it:

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Custer: Book Second
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
silent, on they rode, and on, Like fabled Centaurs, men and steeds seemed one. No bugle echoed and Rate it:

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Description of a Tropical Island
Charles Harpur
tomb. O learn how, like a Upas-tree, (Not fabled) his dread cruelty Can make a scene that else mRate it:

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Echo Dell
Lucy Maud Montgomery
hear. The tasselled fir trees softly croon The fabled lore of elder days. And through the shimmeRate it:

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Elegiac II.
Arthur Hugh Clough
more luscious were not in Eden, Or in that fabled garden of Alcinoüs; Out of a dark umbrage sounds Rate it:

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Extracts From Leon. An Unfinished Poem
Joseph Rodman Drake
hers was that form of light That beamed like fabled wonder on the sight; Her raven hair hung downRate it:

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Hymn To The Penates
Robert Southey
haunts--a sojourner with PEACE. Not idly fabled they the Bards inspired, Who peopled Earth with DeRate it:

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III. The Shadow Of Lilith
Christopher John Brennan
nameless things reveal'd, a bane haunted, the fabled siren, and was seen later as Lamia and MelusRate it:

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In Lupum
Robert Louis Stevenson
as the stalking lion of Algiers, Huge as the fabled boar of Calydon. And all my hay is at one swoopRate it:

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