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Extinguish Thou My Eyes
Rainer Maria Rilke
Extinguish Thou my eyes:I still can see Thee, deprive my ears of sound:I still can hear Thee, and without feet I still can come to Thee, and withou...Rate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
which was not all a dream. The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars Did wander darkling in thRate it:

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Try and don't let me grieve
Boris Pasternak
Try and don't let me grieve. Come and try to extinguish This wild onslaught of sadness that rumbles like mercury in Torricellian void. Madness, try...Rate it:

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William Cowper
produce A friendly coalescence. Religion should extinguish strife, And make a calm of human life; Rate it:

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'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!
Emily Dickinson
and waked sudden in— And might extinguish me! Rate it:

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A Fly About A Glasse Of Burnt Claret.
Richard Lovelace
fires, that with the sun kept race, Are now extinguish'd by her face. VIII. The cRate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
which kindleth lovers' fire, Shall never be extinguish'd nor decay; But when the vital spirits Rate it:

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A Last Confession
William Butler Yeats
so tight, There's not a bird of day that dare Extinguish that delight. Rate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book I
Edward Young
now life's mazes run, Of earth dissolved, or an extinguish'd sun; (Ye sublunary worlds, awake, awakRate it:

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A Psalm Of Patience
Joseph Furphy
doubt will soon be set at rest — You'll be extinguish'd, grill'd, or blest, Or spook the world frRate it:

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A Short Discourse on Eternity
Michael Wigglesworth
ever; And hear of fire that shall expire, or be extinguish'd never. Mark. 9:43, 44 [ 14 ] I'le ARate it:

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Uyime Russell
Love is as strong as death Water can't extinguish love Neither can floods drown it You are mine as am yours. His eyes filled with rage of f...Rate it:

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Apparent Failure
Robert Browning
of water o'er your bust, The right thing to extinguish lust! It's wiser being good than bad; It's Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
them, darkling, defy The whole of the day to extinguish the shadow I lift on the breeze. Yea, tRate it:

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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 04
Sa di
because it is not the part of wise men to extinguish fire and to leave burning coals or to kill a vRate it:

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Ch 05 On Love And Youth Story 06
Sa di
up in such a heedless way that the lamp was extinguished by my sleeve. A vision appeared in the nigRate it:

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Ch 05 On Love And Youth Story 20
Sa di
fire of confusion is yet burning low, perchance extinguish it with the water of stratagem but when Rate it:

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Elegy On Newstead Abbey
George Gordon Lord Byron
exhales a murky dew, The humid pail of life-extinguish'd clay, In sainted fame the sacred fathers gRate it:

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Evening In Summer
James Thomson
Confess'd from yonder slow-extinguish'd clouds, All ether softening, sober Evening takes Her wonted station in the middle air; She sends on earth; ...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
it intransigently lambaste you; spell bindingly extinguish its retribution; with unprecedented gorgRate it:

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God Gifted brain.
Nikhil Parekh
the brain of the dog; or you'll want to forever extinguish even the most infinitesimal trace of youRate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - III. Thalia
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
that a fire, whenever it happens, is straightway extinguish'd,-- Is not this the result of that conRate it:

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I Charge You
Mathilde Blind
it be. Many tears cannot quench, nor my sighs extinguish, the flames of love's fire, Which lifteRate it:

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I Loved You Solely For
Nikhil Parekh
very own name, Materialistic things eventually extinguish to an isolation more gory than treacheroRate it:

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Immortally United mankind
Nikhil Parekh
the world including my very own self; to forever extinguish; massacre; trounce even the most inconsRate it:

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