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O How may I ever express that secret word?
O How may I ever express that secret word? O how can I say He is not like this, and He is like that? If I say that He is within me, the universe ...Rate it:

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To Caroline: When I Hear That You Express An Affection So Warm
George Gordon Lord Byron
When I hear that you express an affection so warm, Ne'er think, my beloved, that I do not believe; For your lip would the soul of suspicion disarm,...Rate it:

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Morning Express
Siegfried Sassoon
Along the wind-swept platform, pinched and white, The travellers stand in pools of wintry light, Offering themselves to morn’s long, slanting arr...Rate it:

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A Farewell To Tobacco
Charles Lamb
a passage see In this word-perplexity, Or a fit expression find, Or a language to my mind, (Still tRate it:

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A Divine Pastorall
Thomas Parnell
heaven too. Go on, my Muse, Go on, & Gratefully express, The Creatures thanks, in the Creators praiRate it:

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Further Instructions
Ezra Pound
Come, my songs, let us express our baser passions. Let us express our envy for the man with a steady job and no worry about the future. You are ve...Rate it:

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Little Aggie
Marriott Edgar
crossing it were, And they wasn't to know as the express was due At the moment that they landed theRate it:

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The Cultural Change of Manhood
Jesus Penaranda
are all derived from learning to speak and express emotions as a child, but yet we are still livingRate it:

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A Poem For The Birth-Day Of The Right Honble The Lady Catharine Tufton
Anne Kingsmill Finch
without their Crimes: More easily we might express What Vertues do her Mother dress; What does hRate it:

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A Poem: To The Memory of Mrs. Oldfield
Richard Savage
in her Eyes. O! she was more than Numbers can express, Creation's Darling in her fairest Dress. A Rate it:

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From Mount Ebal
John Bunyan
as to name and nature, that in me It is not to express the damning wights, The hellish torture, anRate it:

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Eugene Field
not!'-- When Chaucer, Wycliff, and the rest Express their meaning thus, I guess, if not the very bRate it:

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Love Perpetually
Nikhil Parekh
of dazzling tomorrow; to joke once again, Express poignantly and with such artistically undauntedRate it:

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Song Of The Open Road
Walt Whitman
to leave you--yet I love you; You express me better than I can express myself; You sRate it:

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Tale XV
George Crabbe
excess, Felt the reproach his neighbours would express. Long at th' indulgent board he loved to sitRate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book II. Canto VI.
Coventry Patmore
tell me how to prove ‘Goodwill which cannot be express'd; ‘The beneficial heart of love ‘Is labour Rate it:

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There Were times
Nikhil Parekh
when the tongue didn't need words to speak; express its emotions as vociferously as a new born chilRate it:

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To his mistress, objecting to him neither toying or talking
Robert Herrick
confess it, The most I love, when I the least express it. Small griefs find tongues; full casks areRate it:

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Robert Herrick
confess it, The most I love, when I the least express it. Shall griefs find tongues; full casks areRate it:

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To The Pious Memory Of The Accomplished Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew
John Dryden
there. Ev'n love (for love sometimes her Muse express'd) Was but a lambent-flame which play'd abouRate it:

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Your Best Company, Is You Yourself
Nikhil Parekh
enigmas and colors on this Universe; and then express them in myriad forms like poetry; paintings; Rate it:

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A Prison gets to be a friend
Emily Dickinson
its Ponderous face And Ours—a Kinsmanship express— And in its narrow Eyes— We come to look with grRate it:

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A Reasonable Affliction
Matthew Prior
frequent sobs, and mutual cries, They both express their care. A different cause, says Parson SlRate it:

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A Translation Of The Nightingale Out Of Strada
William Strode
and all in vayne; For while shee labours to express againe With nature's simple touch such diverse Rate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
love, affection And devotion Compel me To express To disclose To talk To confess But unfortunately Rate it:

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