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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
’Tis the mastery of the soul. Let the dark Euphrates bear English keel and English sail; Rate it:

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Cain and Abel
Rudyard Kipling
the Corn don't care for the Horn)-- A-half Euphrates out of her bed To water his dam' Corn! But AbRate it:

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My Dream
Christina Georgina Rossetti
is weighed and sifted truth. I stood beside Euphrates while it swelled Like overflowing Jordan in Rate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 34
Sa di
Like the dropsical man near the Euphrates. The hermit began to eat delicious fooRate it:

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Darling Daughter of Babylon
Vachel Lindsay
daughter of Babylon— Rose by the black Euphrates flood— Again your beauty grew more dear Than my slRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - V
Ezra Pound
Now for a large-mouthed product. Thus: 'The Euphrates denies its protection to the Parthian and apoRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - VI
Ezra Pound
shadows. Caesar plots against India, Tigris and Euphrates shall, from now on, flow at his bidding, Rate it:

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Henry Kendall
bleeding on a dungeon floor Hard by where swift Euphrates chafes his brink And gleams from cataractRate it:

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Minstrel's Book - Song And Structure
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
passion; But it is our joy to court Great Euphrates' torrent, Here and there at will to sport InRate it:

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Monday In Whitsun-Week
John Keble
plain, Where slowly, round his isles of sand, Euphrates through the lonely land Winds toward the Rate it:

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On Æolus's Harp
James Thomson
was the song which Zion's children sung, When by Euphrates' stream they made their plaint; And to sRate it:

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Palmyra (1st Edition)
Thomas Love Peacock
still the godlike form descry, Of him, who, on EUPHRATES' shore, From SAPOR's brow his blood-stain'Rate it:

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Palmyra (2nd Edition)
Thomas Love Peacock
The noblest chief of Thedmor's race, Who, by Euphrates' startling waves, Bade outraged Rome her Rate it:

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Psalm The 137th Paraphras'd To The 7th Verse
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Proud Babylon! Thou saw'st us weep; Euphrates, as he pass'd along, Saw, on his Banks, the Sacred Throng A heavy, solemn Mourning keep. Sad Capt...Rate it:

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Raschi In Prague
Emma Lazarus
Mischna and Gemara. On the banks Of Eden-born Euphrates, one day's ride From Bagdad, Raschi found iRate it:

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The Babylonian Captivity
Charles Harpur
By far Euphrates’ stream we state, A weary band of herded slaves, And over Judah’s fallen estate We wept into the passing waves. On will...Rate it:

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The Triumph Of Woman
Robert Southey
stretch the gaze towards his distant home, Or on Euphrates' willowy banks reclin'd Hear the sad harRate it:

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To A Victor In A Game Of Pallone
Count Giacomo Leopardi
Medes, who, dying, Asia's shore And great Euphrates will behold no more. And will you call that vaRate it:

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To The Don
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
thou river boasted wide! The Araxes and Euphrates Send thee greeting as they glide. Fresh and streRate it:

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