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General William Booth Enters into Heaven
Vachel Lindsay
[To be sung to the tune of The Blood of the Lamb with indicated instrument] I [Bass drum beaten loudly.] Booth led boldly with his big bass dr...Rate it:

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The Songs Of The Dead Men To The Three Dancers
Robinson Jeffers
I. TO DESIRE (Here a dancer enters and dances.) Who is she that is fragrant and desirable, Clothed but enough to wake wantonness, And proud of her ...Rate it:

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Bessie's Boil
Robert William Service
knocks, and a voice says: "All right." So she enters, and sees a fat feller wi' whiskers, all toggeRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
him. He invites the derision of strangers—he enters all places. Booted, bareheaded he enters. WithRate it:

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If any sink, assure that this, now standing
Emily Dickinson
but the Whizzing, before the Ball— When the Ball enters, enters Silence— Dying—annuls the power to Rate it:

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Rainer Maria Rilke
following their example, nature re-enters herself; contemplating its own sap, the flower becomes toRate it:

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Busywork Ruimbe
coming out of darkness, And of a morning that enters into day, She also spied a day that enters intRate it:

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The four Seasons of the Year.
Anne Bradstreet
most fair. Tenth of the first, Sol into Aries enters, And bids defiance to all tedious winters, CroRate it:

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An Ode in Blessed Memory
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov
stormclouds part - Then all at once the Hero enters, His face aflame, he routs the foe With blood-wRate it:

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just me
Buffy Sammons
a simple person who loves to be.. The person who enters the room and makes you laugh until we.. ForRate it:

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Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire
James Montgomery
air, His watchword at the gates of death; He enters heaven with prayer. O Thou, by Whom we come toRate it:

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The Panther
Rainer Maria Rilke
curtain of the pupils lifts, quietly--. An image enters in, rushes down through the tensed, arresteRate it:

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Under Arrest
Ehsan Sehgal
It is very stubborn It enters into my mind ground, Every second And without permission It occupies all my senses Swims in my veins It speeds up, my...Rate it:

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What You Did
Ehsan Sehgal
your family On the ground of enmity When one enters The politics of such places Often happens that Rate it:

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Just me
Buffy Sammons
a simple person who loves to be.. The person who enters the room and makes you laugh until we.. ForRate it:

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Boris Pasternak
pockets The fluff of blow-balls in a cloud, Who enters through the open window, Who chatters to himRate it:

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Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce; Or, The Slave-Trader In The Dumps
William Cowper
heart, Which nobody, &c. For oh! how it enters my soul like an awl! This pity, which some peopleRate it:

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Can vei la lauzeta
Bernard de Ventadorn
rays, and falling because of the sweetness that enters its heart, ah! a great envy comes upon me ofRate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
wandering souls who go looking for a body, he enters as he likes into each man's personality. For hRate it:

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In A Castle
Amy Lowell
with much nice cunning, whisperingly. He enters on a sob of wind, which gutters the candles almost Rate it:

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Black Slippers: Bellotti
Ezra Pound
how Celestine will re-enter her slippers. She re-enters them with a groan. Rate it:

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Invalid Dawn
Elizabeth Daryush
goes; In the dark valley Here and there enters A spark, laggardly, For the faint watchers That werRate it:

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A College Career
Robert Fuller Murray
Mr. Brown); He hears the harsh bell jangle, And enters the quadrangle, The classic tongues to manglRate it:

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A Country Pathway
James Whitcomb Riley
other thought, I turn again To where the pathway enters in a realm Of lordly woodland, under sovereRate it:

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A Prize Poem
Henry Timrod
Stalks Denmark's mail|"ed ghost! And Hamlet enters with that thoughtful breath Which is the trumpeRate it:

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