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Mark The Concentrated Hazels That Enclose
William Wordsworth
MARK the concentred hazels that enclose Yon old grey Stone, protected from the ray Of noontide suns:--and even the beams that play And glance, whil...Rate it:

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Songs of Education
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
worth two of that. Two straight lines Can't enclose a Space, But they can enclose a Corner to suppoRate it:

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Sonnet XXXIX: Look, Delia
Samuel Daniel
honor, Whilst in her tender green she doth enclose That pure sweet Beauty Time bestows upon her. Rate it:

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You Lost All
Ehsan Sehgal
insulted The great And sacred names To enclose with your name And display the sexy And nude imagesRate it:

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Rural Sports: A Georgic - Canto II.
John Gay
net display, And in its spacious arch enclose the sea, Then haul the plunging load upon the land, ARate it:

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A Dialogue At Fiesole
Alfred Austin
strain, and seem Loth to surrender it, and now enclose Its cadence in the silence of their folds. SRate it:

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A Reading Of Life--With The Persuader
George Meredith
we saw her glide; The pearly sea-shell half enclose; The shoal of sea-nymphs flush the tide; And weRate it:

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A Une Madone (To A Madonna)
Charles Baudelaire
with suspicion, Which, like a sentry-box, will enclose your charms; Embroidered not with Pearls, Rate it:

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An Appeal
Algernon Charles Swinburne
slay as they slew - "Down with her walls that enclose Freemen that eye us askance, Fugitives, men tRate it:

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An etching
Emily Pauline Johnson
tottering have reeled In drunken efforts to enclose the field, Which carries on its breast, SepteRate it:

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An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland
Andrew Marvell
high, The emulous or enemy; And with such, to enclose Is more than to oppose. Then burning throRate it:

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Anecdotes Of fantasy
Nikhil Parekh
exists no peace at all quarters of the city, i enclose myself in soundproof walls of my submarine,Rate it:

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At The Grave Of Charles Lamb, In Edmonton
William Watson
flocks in Spring-time, _there_ should Earth enclose His earth, amid thy thronging joys and woes, ThRate it:

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Bacchus and Ariadne
James Henry Leigh Hunt
from all sense of fancied want and harm Used to enclose her, when she turned that way. She stretcheRate it:

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Thomas Campion
themselves do cry. Those cherries fairly do enclose Of orient pearl a double row, Which whenRate it:

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Dancing Adairs
Conrad Potter Aiken
remorselessly as darkness, And shut you in and enclose you, at last, and always, Till you are losRate it:

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Dear Reader
William Taylor Collins
of this page, no room or manicured garden to enclose us, no Zeitgeist marching in the background,Rate it:

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Dedication - The Poems Of Goeth
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
spread, Then bent, as though my form it would enclose, Then, as on pinions, soar'd above my head: Rate it:

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Delia: XXXI (1592 version): Look, Delia, how we 'steem the
Samuel Daniel
honour, Whilst in her tender green she doth enclose That pure sweet beauty time bestows upon Rate it:

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Democritus And His Neighbors
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Star, for ought he knows, May some Inhabitants enclose: Philosophers, he says, may there abound, Rate it:

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Rabindranath Tagore
He whom I enclose with my name is weeping in this dungeon. I am ever busy building this wall all around; and as this wall goes up into the sky da...Rate it:

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Eclogue The First
Thomas Chatterton
mortherer would slea, And bie hys syde for aie enclose myne eies. Calked from everych joie, heere wRate it:

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Thomas Chatterton
mortherer would slea, And bie hys syde for aie enclose myne eies. Calked from everych joie, heereRate it:

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George Herbert
work is done.' Thus in thy Ebony box Thou dost enclose us, till the day Put our amendment in our waRate it:

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Fainting by the Way
Henry Kendall
that every Zin-like border may a pleasant land enclose? Oh, across these sultry deserts many a fruiRate it:

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