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A Song to David
Christopher Smart
sail; Strong against tide th' enormous whale Emerges as he goes. But stronger still, in earth aRate it:

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William Carlos Williams
about her ankles. The tawdry veined body emerges twisted upon itself like a winter wind . . . !Rate it:

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A fuzzy fellow, without feet
Emily Dickinson
struts in sewing silk! Then, finer than a Lady, Emerges in the spring! A Feather on each shoulder!Rate it:

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A Legend of Madrid
Adam Lindsay Gordon
shouts have ceas'd, See, the second bull emerges— 'Tis the famed Cordovan beast,— By the picador unRate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
AT dawn the ridge emerges massed and dun In the wild purple of the glow'ring sun, Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud The m...Rate it:

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From early dawn the thirtieth of April...
Boris Pasternak
heaps of squashy berries under muslin The town emerges out of crimson gauze. Along the streets the Rate it:

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Italian Scenery
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
verge, Full and unveiled, the moon's broad disk emerges. On Tivoli, and where the fairy hues Of autRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
party named Burges Who from infancy hardly emerges: If you had not been told He's disgracefully Rate it:

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Love Everpresent
Donka Kristeva
then disappear. While all this mortal picture emerges with a stinging bite, ready to overturn theRate it:

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Love Is
Donka Kristeva
then disappear. While all this mortal picture emerges with a stinging bite, ready to overturn thRate it:

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Love's Blessing Found
Donka Kristeva
pride is reluctant to give up its way, as ego emerges from hiding at bay. Plaint quickly steps iRate it:

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Ezra Pound
with her clear soprano. The sleek head emerges From the gold-yellow frock As Anadyomene in theRate it:

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Ode to Pity
Jane Austen
noisy falls the Silent Stream-- The Moon emerges from behind a Cloud And darts upon the Myrtle GrRate it:

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On Happiness
James Thomson
that all his towering hopes are mock'd. Then it emerges, he renews his toil, And o'er and o'er agRate it:

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Reedy River
Henry Lawson
The eye may just discern Where Rocky Creek emerges From deep green banks of fern; And standing Rate it:

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Rembrandt Lighting or Butterfly Lighting
Xiaoyuan Yin
which was a karst cave in fact From every cocoon emerges a moth, or a butterfly: just like the one,Rate it:

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Harold Monro
the bridge the tyrant train Shrieks, and emerges on the plain. In all the better gardens you maRate it:

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Sweet Danger
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
that were offered to feed its fire? Ah! he who emerges from that fierce flame Is scarred with sorRate it:

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The Bas Bleu: Or, Conversation. Addressed To Mrs. Vesey
Hannah More
to shine; Genius prevails, and Conversation Emerges into Reformation. The vanquish'd triple crown tRate it:

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The Herring Weir
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
a phantom sharply grey, The herring weir emerges, quick with spoil. Slowly the tide forsakRate it:

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The Mole Part Three
Wilhelm Busch
Hoorah! And in a graceful arc The mole emerges from the dark. Aujau! Man setzt sich in den RecRate it:

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The Sea and the Hills
Rudyard Kipling
the swerve, as the star-stabbing bow-sprit emerges? The orderly clouds of the Trades, the ridged, rRate it:

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The Ship of Death
David Herbert Lawrence
subsides, and the body, like a worn sea-shell emerges strange and lovely. And the little ship winRate it:

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The Silver Lining
Kurt Philip Behm
Out of great struggle, —emerges even greater opportunity” (Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2016)Rate it:

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The Task: Book V, The Winter Morning Walk (excerpts)
William Cowper
the driving wind, More ardent as the disk emerges more, Resemble most some city in a blaze, Rate it:

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