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Girls Are Flowers
Ehsan Sehgal
The flowers are fragrant That embellish colour And perfume Heart and mind Girls are also flowers They are the colour Of every journey They are fr...Rate it:

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A Ditty
Edmund Spenser
Bay leaves betweene, And primroses greene, Embellish the sweete Violet. Tell me, have ye seRate it:

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A Letter For My Son To One Of His School--Fellows, Son To Henry Rose, Esq;
Mary Barber
for, as far as I find, You've nothing to do, but embellish your Mind. What different Tasks are assiRate it:

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William Cowper
a well-judging taste from above, Then, whether embellish'd or rude, 'Tis nature alone that we love.Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto the First
George Gordon Lord Byron
will more peculiarly be seen); They so embellish, that 'tis quite a bore Their labyrinth ofRate it:

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Elegy XIX. - Written in Spring, 1743
William Shenstone
observant, to the grove I speed, The shrine embellish, and repeat the vow. Sworn from his cradle RRate it:

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Hiding Inside
Kurt Philip Behm
substance where meaning partakes To coat and embellish what we most try to hide Distracting, mislRate it:

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Life = Death
Nikhil Parekh
your truly unrestricted humanitarian swirl, Embellish each moment that you encountered in you lifRate it:

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On A Landscape Bt Rubens
William Lisle Bowles
sees the painter, with no human touch, Create, embellish, animate at will, The mimic scenes, from NRate it:

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Shall the Harp Then Be Silent
Thomas Moore
affections and powers By which life is exalted, embellish'd, refined, Was embraced in that spiritRate it:

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Song Of The Rain VII
Khalil Gibran
the Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn To embellish the gardens. When I cry the hills laugRate it:

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Split couplet – Relax and play
Leslie Alexis
rumble in endless haste It is a waste To not embellish the journey in time It is a crime. RobbiRate it:

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The Old Towers Of Mount Royal, Or Ville Marie
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
square, Villas and mansions of stately pride Embellish it now on every side; Buildings—old land marRate it:

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The Shepheardes Calender: April
Edmund Spenser
betweene, And Primroses greene Embellish the sweete Violet. Tell me, have ye seene heRate it:

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To C.C.C.
Robert Fuller Murray
grave and sensible men, And wrinkles our brows embellish, And I fear we shall never relish again ThRate it:

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Unfulfilled to Observation
Emily Dickinson
extinguish— To our Opposite— New Horizons—they embellish— Fronting Us—with Night. Rate it:

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War Song
Thomas Moore
light us to victory yet. Mononia! when Nature embellish'd the tint Of thy fields, and thy mountaRate it:

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Weary Of The World, And With Heaven Most Dear
Thomas Kingo
vanity all. And what everywhere Does this world embellish with visage so fair? ’Tis all merely shaRate it:

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