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Henry Lawson
know if it’s true; For we scarcely dare to credit ev’rything they say who edit Those unhappy countrRate it:

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To The Reader Of ‘University Notes’
Robert Fuller Murray
the darkness is going or gone. We are Editors. Give us the credit Of meaning to do what we could; BRate it:

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A Visual Dream
Ehsan Sehgal
a purse With the charming face When I first edit her article I felt some feeling for her In my hearRate it:

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A Career In Letters
Ambrose Bierce
devel'p;' And straightway bought with coin and credit The _Thundergust_ for him to edit. The greatRate it:

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Another Child Moves On
dark Watch silly shows as the picture tube glows edit our speech to soothe our friends Knowing fullRate it:

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First Light To Keep
Kurt Philip Behm
The first cut sharp and burning red, don’t edit away its fire Keep the wound both fresh and raw, never cauterize your ire The horizon breaks ...Rate it:

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Literate Quicksand
Kurt Philip Behm
Did you edit away the fire, in your attempt to be correct Do your words make you a liar, as they break and disconnect Is that order you chase...Rate it:

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The First Cut The Deepest
Kurt Philip Behm
hearing your own voice… don’t ever, ever, ever —edit it away (Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 20Rate it:

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The Scholars
William Butler Yeats
their sins, Old, learned, respectable bald heads Edit and annotate the lines That young men, tossinRate it:

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