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A Glimpse Of Pan
James Whitcomb Riley
ripples crept And kissed them, with quavering ecstasies, And wistfully laughed and wept And there,Rate it:

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Aleister Crowley
Pacific bays! We are in tune with the infinite ecstasies, Adela! Sway with me, sway with me in the Rate it:

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An Ode in Time of Hesitation
William Vaughn Moody
striking dumb The season's half-awakened ecstasies? Must I be humble, then, Now when my heart haRate it:

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Atherton's Gambit
Edwin Arlington Robinson
of us, being what he is, May scoff at others’ ecstasies? However we may shine to-day, More-shininRate it:

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Ballades III - Of Blue China
Andrew Lang
the Emperor Hwang. ENVOY Come, snarl at my ecstasies, do, Kind critic; your “tongue has a tangRate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
curses, these blasphemies, these moans, These ecstasies, these tears, these cries of "Te Deum" Are Rate it:

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Arthur Symons
body that abondoned lies, Rigid with sterile ecstasies, A shiver knits her flesh to mine. Life suRate it:

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By The Lake
Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
bell-buds upon the trees--codas Of overtones, ecstasies, grown for love's shroud Rate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
myrrh, or musk, or amber, the excite The ecstasies of sense, the soul's delight. Rate it:

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Death And Life
Robert William Service
. . . Ah! sweeter than the nuptial bed Are ecstasies forbidden. And as I held my sweetheart close,Rate it:

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Deus Absconditus
Edward Dowden
in human eyes, Some new-wak'd spirit's April ecstasies; These will not fail nor foil me; while I Rate it:

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Edmund Pollard
Edgar Lee Masters
wine cups while the wine is sweet; Nor ecstasies of body or soul, You will die, no doubt, but die wRate it:

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Edith Nesbit
confuse my life with memories Of unrememberable ecstasies Which were, and are not, and can never beRate it:

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Fish, The
Rupert Brooke
cool curving world he lies And ripples with dark ecstasies. The kind luxurious lapse and steal ShapRate it:

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For The Marriage of Faustus and Helen
Harold Hart Crane
of all things At your deep blush, when ecstasies thread The limbs and belly, when rainbows spreadRate it:

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France--December 1870
George Meredith
her, unconsumable, but framed For all the ecstasies of suffering dire. Mother of Pride, her sanctuaRate it:

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From 'The Testament of Beauty'
Robert Seymour Bridges
of the secret contacts of Love,-- of faintest ecstasies aslumber in Nature's calm, like thought in Rate it:

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In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury
Thomas Hardy
With one who kindled gayly Love's fitful ecstasies! But despite the term as teacher, Rate it:

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Edgar Allan Poe
Merrily live, and long! The ecstasies above With thy burning measures suit- Rate it:

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Les Phares (The Beacons)
Charles Baudelaire
these lamentations, These Te Deums, these ecstasies, these cries, these tears, Are an echo repeatRate it:

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Love Sonnet XXVIII
Zora Bernice May Cross
honeyed madness falling fast Upon our limbs in ecstasies of song. “More love,” we cried. “More, andRate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
go that made our valley sweet With useless ecstasies, and the boughs are mute. And I would keep theRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
to learn the magic rune Of those unlaboured ecstasies That keep a weary world in tune. The grey thRate it:

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Walter de la Mare
trees Lift burdened branches, stilled with ecstasies. When music sounds, out of the water rise Rate it:

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Natalia’s Resurrection: Sonnet XXX
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
this and that, Grudging her frightened soul its ecstasies, At a high feast in presence of her kin GRate it:

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