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Take Them Away! They'll Drive Me Crazy
Henry Clay Work
Riding in the Park, or down town shopping At the Matinee, or singing in the choir Everywhere a dazzling blaze of beauty Blinds my eyes and sets my ...Rate it:

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The Devil's Drive: An Unfinished Rhapsody
George Gordon Lord Byron
The Devil return'd to hell by two, And he stay'd at home till five; When he dined on some homicides done in ragoût, And a rebel or so in an Irish s...Rate it:

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Don't Drive Me Away
Louisa May Alcott
'Don't drive me away, But hear what I say: Bad men want the gold; They will steal it to-night, And you must take flight; So be quiet and busy and b...Rate it:

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Your Last Drive
Thomas Hardy
Here by the moorway you returned, And saw the borough lights ahead That lit your face - all undiscerned To be in a week the face of the dead, And y...Rate it:

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The Demon Drink
William Topaz McGonagall
Oh, thou demon Drink, thou fell destroyer; Thou curse of society, and its greatest annoyer. What hast thou done to society, let me think? I answer ...Rate it:

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Don't Drink
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Don't drink, boys, don't! There is nothing of happiness, pleasure, or cheer, In brandy, in whiskey, in rum, ale, or beer. If they cheer you when dr...Rate it:

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The Lost Drink
Andrew Barton Paterson
I had spent the night in the watch-house -- My head was the size of three -- So I went and asked the chemist To fix up a drink for me; And he b...Rate it:

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Drink of This Cup
Thomas Moore
Drink of this cup; -- you'll find there's a spell in Its every drop 'gainst the ills of mortality; Talk of the cordial that sparkled for Helen; ...Rate it:

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Drink Out Thy Glass
Carl Michael Bellman
Drink out thy glass! See, on thy threshold, nightly, Staying his sword, stands Death, awaiting thee. Be not alarmed; the grave-door, opened slightl...Rate it:

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I Drink To The Sun
Harry Crosby
Mad day flags crackling in the dawn the sharp intensity of drink dentelleries thrown over the mill fire sun and candlelight and at midnight I squee...Rate it:

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Drink To Her
Thomas Moore
Drink to her who long Hath waked the poet's sigh, The girl who gave to song What gold could never buy. Oh! woman's heart was made For minstrel...Rate it:

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Drink the Nectar
Drink the nectar of the Divine Name, O human! Drink the nectar of the Divine Name! Leave the bad company, always sit among righteous company. Hear...Rate it:

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Cold Soda drink
Nikhil Parekh
The water was icily cold, colored to sinister reptile brown, coated with oxygen and aroma, with a tinge of sweetened flavour, and specific grav...Rate it:

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Scotch Drink
Robert Burns
Let other poets raise a fracas Bout vines, and wines, an drucken Bacchus, An crabbit names an stories wrack us, An grate our lug: I sing the j...Rate it:

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Natural Drink
Nikhil Parekh
when drops of fuming acid fell down on the ground, infinite blades of green grass wailed in cacophonic unison, the soil was subjected to unrelent...Rate it:

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A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink
Emily Dickinson
A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink— I hunted all the Sand— I caught the Dripping of a Rock And bore it in my Hand— His Mighty Balls—in death were thic...Rate it:

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Can water drink itself?
Sant Tukaram
Can water drink itself? Can a tree taste its own fruit? The worshiper of God must remain distinct from Him. Only thus will he come to kn...Rate it:

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Let's Drink to our next Meeting
Hew Ainslie
Let's drink to our next meeting, lads, Nor think on what's atwixt; They're fools wha spoil the present hour By thinking on the next. Chorus Then h...Rate it:

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To One denied the drink
Emily Dickinson
To One denied the drink To tell what Water is Would be acuter, would it not Than letting Him surmise? To lead Him to the Well And let Him hear it ...Rate it:

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I could not drink it, Sweet
Emily Dickinson
I could not drink it, Sweet, Till You had tasted first, Though cooler than the Water was The Thoughtfullness of Thirst. Rate it:

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Alcohol's Requiem Upon Prof. P. F. K., A Gifted Man, Who Died A Victim Of Strong Drink
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ho! ho! Father Death! I have won you another! Another grand soul I have ruined and taken; I, who am licensed by good Christian people, Eat and eat ...Rate it:

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To A Gentleman And Lady On The Death Of The Lady's Brother And Sister, And A Child Of The Name Of Avis, Aged One Year
Phillis Wheatley
ON Death's domain intent I fix my eyes, Where human nature in vast ruin lies: With pensive mind I search the drear abode, Where the great conqu'ror...Rate it:

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Canadian Sports and Games and Plays
James McIntyre
Burns sang of joys of Hallowe'en, But in Canada is oft seen By far more jolly times than these, At logging raising, paring bees, For here the youth...Rate it:

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O, Time And Change, They Range And Range
William Ernest Henley
O, Time and Change, they range and range From sunshine round to thunder! - They glance and go as the great winds blow, And the best of our dreams d...Rate it:

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Bruadar And Smith And Glinn
Douglas Hyde
Bruadar and Smith and Glinn, Amen, dear God, I pray, May they lie low in waves of woe, And tortures slow each day! Amen! Bruadar and Smith an...Rate it:

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