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Siegfried Sassoon
fatal climax with their lives. Soldiers are dreamers; when the guns begin They think of firelit homRate it:

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The Dreamers
Siegfried Sassoon
fatal climax with their lives. Soldiers are dreamers; when the guns begin They think of firelit homRate it:

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The Dreamers
William Wilfred Campbell
THEY lingered on the middle heights Betwixt the brown earth and the heaven; They whispered, 'We are not the night's, But pallid children of the eve...Rate it:

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The Sleepers
Walt Whitman
I dream in my dream all the dreams of the other dreamers, 30 And I become the other drRate it:

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Samantha McKeen
writers, and musicians We are the rebels, the dreamers, and inventors We are ButterfliesRate it:

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The Night Journey
Rupert Brooke
fly, Grown one with will, end-drunken huddled dreamers. The white lights roar. The sounds of the Rate it:

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Time Gets Physical
Stone Fox
for Time itself. When Time gets physical the dreamers suffer most, while the Immortals whispeRate it:

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The dream keeper
Langston Hughes
Bring me all of your dreams, You dreamers, Bring me all of your Heart melodies That I may wrap them In a blue cloud-cloth Away from the too-rough f...Rate it:

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A Marching Song
Algernon Charles Swinburne
O single people and free, We dreamers, we derided, We mad blind men that see, WRate it:

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A Poet To His Baby Son
James Weldon Johnson
of love And the keen joy of living; No longer dreamers of the essential dreams, And interpretersRate it:

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A Quintessence Of Verse
Mario William Vitale
much of this world is dear to poet dreamers. As crazy lovers of prosody listen in to the quintessence of verse, then a bright and dancing word ve...Rate it:

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A Song of Failure
Arthur Henry Adams
horde— Fighters, enmeshed in their dreaming, Dreamers who girl on the sword, Weaklings with sRate it:

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A Spiritual Manifestation
John Greenleaf Whittier
snuffled tones, I see in dreary vision Dyspeptic dreamers, spiritual bores, And prophets with a misRate it:

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Allegro Maestoso
William Ernest Henley
imperious Pan - Not dead, not dead, as impotent dreamers feigned, But the gay genius of a million MRate it:

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Janet Hamilton
sway the world alone! Peace, peace! Wild dreamers, what are ye? A people now or yet to be? Or but Rate it:

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An Epistle
Emma Lazarus
purple limit dropped his torch. Then we, as dreamers, woke, to find outrun Time's rapid sands. The Rate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
cause. When you find yourself at odds With all dreamers of all gods, You may smite yourself with Rate it:

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Born Before his Time
James Brunton Stephens
down, and every feature new and strange, Yet, as dreamers are at moments unaccountably omniscient, Rate it:

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Bright Cap and Streamers
James Joyce
follow, All you that love. Leave dreams to the dreamers That will not after, That song and laugRate it:

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Captain Orlando Killion
Edgar Lee Masters
Oh, you young radicals and dreamers, You dauntless fledglings Who pass by my headstone, Mock not its record of my captaincy in the army And my fait...Rate it:

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Churchill's Grave: A Fact Literally Rendered
George Gordon Lord Byron
all life must end in one, Of which we are but dreamers;- as he caught, As 'twere the twilight of aRate it:

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Andrew Barton Paterson
-- It is just the careless country where the dreamers only go. * * * * Rate it:

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Doubtful Dreams
Adam Lindsay Gordon
weather, In the blight of October chill, We were dreamers of old together,— As of old, are you dreaRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
the morning to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, For theyRate it:

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Dreams Are Best
Robert William Service
just a star, And a woman -- just a dream. O you Dreamers, proud and pure, You have gleaned thRate it:

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