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Limerick: There was a Young Lady whose chin
Edward Lear
There was a Young Lady whose chin, Resembled the point of a pin; So she had it made sharp, And purchased a harp, And played several tunes with her ...Rate it:

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The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
Emily Dickinson
The Moon was but a Chin of Gold A Night or two ago— And now she turns Her perfect Face Upon the World below— Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde— He...Rate it:

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Double Red Daisies
Robert Graves
Double red daisies, they’re my flowers, Which nobody else may grow. In a big quarrelsome house like ours They try it sometimes—but no, I root th...Rate it:

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The Double-Headed Snake of Newbury
John Greenleaf Whittier
Far away in the twilight time Of every people, in every clime, Dragons and griffins and monsters dire, Born of water, and air, and fire, Or nursed,...Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
The better Angels of our nature… the Devil only laughs Laying traps as yet unseen, in virtues aftermath Reluctant aspiration, free will a double ...Rate it:

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Holy Sonnet XVI: Father, Part Of His Double Interest
John Donne
Father, part of his double interest Unto thy kingdom, thy Son gives to me, His jointure in the knotty Trinity He keeps, and gives to me his death's...Rate it:

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SONNET. The Double Rock
Henry King
Since thou hast view'd some Gorgon, and art grown A solid stone: To bring again to softness thy hard heart Is past my art. Ice may relent to wa...Rate it:

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The Double Ninth Festival
Li Ching Chao
To the tune of "Intoxicated Under the Shadow of Flowers" Light mists and heavy clouds, melancholy the long dreary day. In the golden censer t...Rate it:

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The world is full of double beds
Hilaire Belloc
The world is full of double beds And most delightful maidenheads, Which being so, there’s no excuse For sodomy of self-abuse. Rate it:

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A Double Standard
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Do you blame me that I loved him? If when standing all alone I cried for bread a careless world Pressed to my lips a stone. Do you blame me that I...Rate it:

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A Ballad, Shewing How An Old Woman Rode Double, And Who Rode Before Her
Robert Southey
The Raven croak'd as she sate at her meal, And the Old Woman knew what he said, And she grew pale at the Raven's tale, And sicken'd and went to her...Rate it:

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Double Ballad Of Life And Death
William Ernest Henley
Fools may pine, and sots may swill, Cynics gibe, and prophets rail, Moralists may scourge and drill, Preachers prose, and fainthearts quail. Let th...Rate it:

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Double Ballade Of Primitive Man
Andrew Lang
He lived in a cave by the seas, He lived upon oysters and foes, But his list of forbidden degrees, An extensive morality shows; Geological evidence...Rate it:

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Double Ballade on the Nothingness of Things
William Ernest Henley
The big teetotum twirls, And epochs wax and wane As chance subsides or swirls; But of the loss and gain The sum is always plain. Read on the m...Rate it:

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Solid wood double bed frame Hollywood
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Spring (Double Rondelet Triolet)
Marieta Maglas
With a deep touch, The red poppy awakes the grass. With a deep touch, Red wants Green's vibration so much, The sun awakes the sky's wa...Rate it:

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The Double Edge
Kurt Philip Behm
Cowardice and bravery Not either/or But different levels of… Valor and shame A swinging door Whose facings change when swung A foil to confound T...Rate it:

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The Double Fortress
Alfred Noyes
Time, wouldst thou hurt us? Never shall we grow old. Break as thou wilt these bodies of blind clay, Thou canst not touch us here, in our strongho...Rate it:

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The Double Vision Of Michael Robartes
William Butler Yeats
I ON the grey rock of Cashel the mind's eye Has called up the cold spirits that are born When the old moon is vanished from the sky And the new sti...Rate it:

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The Double-Edge
Kurt Philip Behm
Humanities coin two sided, on the front eternal life On the back annihilation —on its edge we balance fright (Dreamsleep: January, 2020)Rate it:

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To My Dear Friend Mr. Congreve On His Commedy Call'd The Double Dealer
John Dryden
Well then; the promis'd hour is come at last; The present age of wit obscures the past: Strong were our sires; and as they fought they writ, Conqu'...Rate it:

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The Incantation
Andrew Barton Paterson
Scene: Federal Political Arena A darkened cave. In the middle, a cauldron, boiling. Enter the three witches. 1ST WITCH: Thrice hath the Federal ...Rate it:

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Ballade of a Special Edition
Amy Levy
He comes; I hear him up the street-- Bird of ill omen, flapping wide The pinion of a printed sheet, His hoarse note scares the eventide. Of slaught...Rate it:

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My Lady’s Lamantation And Complaint Against The Dean
Jonathan Swift
Sure never did man see A wretch like poor Nancy, So teazed day and night By a Dean and a Knight. To punish my sins, Sir Arthur begins, And gives me...Rate it:

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The Colored Band
Paul Laurence Dunbar
W'EN de colo'ed ban' comes ma'chin' down de street, Don't you people stan' daih starin'; lif' yo' feet! Ain't dey playin'? Hip, hooray! Stir yo' st...Rate it:

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